One country, two systems – ZR example 5


The transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from Britain to China happened midnight on 1 July 1997. Sun was in Cancer, Ascendant Aries.

Hong Kong SAR

Night native; Benefic Venus (in Leo), Malefic Saturn (in Aries).

Lot of Fortune: Taurus – Fortune angles: Taurus (1), Leo (4), Scorpio (7) and Aquarius (10).

Released by Lot of Spirit: Aquarius

Level 1  1 July 1997 – 24 Jan 2027  Aquarius = peak 

Level 2  21 May 2016-  Virgo = completion

 11 Jan 2018-  Libra

Level 3  30 July 2016-  Scorpio = peak

On 4 Sept, when elections took place, Level 4 was Leo [Venus]

  6 Sept 2016-  Sagittarius = completion

  6 Oct 2016-  Capricorn

 12 Dec 2016-  Aquarius

 25 Feb 2017-

Interestingly, as I write this (6 September 2016), HK entered on Level 3 into Sagittarius, a completion period. Level 1 has not moved, since it is Aquarius and lasts for 30 years. Level 2 is in Virgo since this May, another completion period. (Current periods are underlined).

Later in the year, when level 3 becomes Aquarius, it makes the following ‘replication’ across the levels:

Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3 – Level 4

Aquarius – Virgo – Aquarius – Virgo

This replication happens twice: 8-11 Jan 2017 and 29 Jan-1 Feb 2017. Are any significant events going to happen during these periods?

Replication and North node

HK has Uranus and Jupiter (and the lot of Spirit) in Aquarius, which is 11th place in its natal chart. It is sextile to Aquarius’ ruler Saturn, which is not as strong as Venus being trine to Saturn, but still, it is relatively sound.

HK has North node in Virgo. I intend to talk about the nodes in a separate post soon, but for now: north is a point of intake, while south a point of release, when it comes to the Moon’s nodes. The ruler of North node, in this case Mercury, drives and directs energy.

HK’s Mercury is in Cancer, together with the Sun, in the 4th place of ‘Home’. Speech, communication, information – every theme pertaining to Mercury is the driving force of HK on its home ground. It can become a battle ground too. Journalists, publishing companies, free debate, etc. are all important and sensitive issues in HK.

HK’s malefic Saturn squares its Mercury from the 1st place. Saturn is almost internalised in the 1st place. It’s a classic ‘enemy within’ which can take over and threaten the Self. Besides, isn’t SAR (= Special Administrative Region) looking like an abbreviation for Saturn?

So during the above replication periods, Mercury driven themes may well be in the spotlight once again, peaking (Aquarius) and completing (Virgo) things that have already started.

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