1. Wind of East (Natal)

Natal chart reading is about how you live with your planetary signatures at your birth, throughout your life. The focus is on ‘development’ that evolves, rather than ‘analysis’ that ends. No matter what you find there, choices are up to you.

Wind of East blows in your 1st house, where your Ascendent is. Your life unfolds from there. Planets converse, coincide, conspire, collide and congratulate. You may not comprehend everything, but you keep listening. You grow wiser.

The reading is delivered either in a written format (3-5 page pdf) or via live session (30 minutes Skype).  Please provide your date, place and time of birth.
Cost: Euro 49

2. Wind of West (Horary)

Do you have a question to ask regarding your career, relationship, home, travel, finance, etc.? Something important to make you seek advice from the universe?

Wind of West blows in the opposite 7th house, where there’s the Other. The answer to your question will encourage you to make a choice, if you feel stuck between one possibility or the other.

After our initial contact, we can formulate the question together in order to get the clearest outcome. In the process, you understand what you really want to know as well. The reading (or ‘judgement’ according to the planets) is delivered in a written format/pdf.
(You can read more about Horary in my posts part 1, 2 and 3).
Cost: Euro 49