Day and night

Moon, Mars and Venus belong to the night. Sun, Saturn and Jupiter belong to the day. They are called Day/Night sects.

If you were born in day time, Mars which is contrary to your Day sect is your ‘Malefic’ (most challenging) planet, while Jupiter belonging to your Day sect is your ‘Benefic’ (most benevolent) planet.

In other words, you as a day time native are more susceptible to Mars’ influence (than Saturn’s) and more blessed by Jupiter (than Venus). You as a night time native are more susceptible to Saturn’s influence (than Mars’) and more blessed by Venus (than Jupiter). Simplifying with plus/minus symbols:

Day: Mars (-), Jupiter (+)

Night: Saturn (-), Venus (+)

Which of the two luminaries (Sun/Moon) illuminates your pathway is an important distinction. They are our guiding forces with distinctive qualities.

And where does Mercury stand? Mercury belongs to both day and night; as messenger of God, he/she moves across diurnal/nocturnal borderlines.