2 Geminis

I was playing works of the following two composers and got intrigued by a common factor that unites them.

  • Schumann  8 june 1810, Sun in Gemini (-> Jupiter in Taurus 17), Moon in  Leo 29/Virgo 1, Mercury and Venus in Cancer
  • Stravinsky  17 june 1882, Sun in Gemini (-> Jupiter in Gem 12), Moon in Cancer, Mercury and Venus in Cancer

Both are Gemini by Sun sign, with 72 years between them. Jupiter is in Taurus for Schumann and in Gemini for Stravinsky. The orbit of Jupiter being just under 12 years, it means that Jupiter went around the zodiacal wheel 6.05 times in the meantime.

They both have Jupiter just ahead of their Sun in their respective natal chart, which is considered ‘vocational indicator’ (according to Ptolemy). The planet that precedes Sun (in clockwise) in your natal chart can indicate your professional inclination.

They both have Mercury and Venus in Cancer (ruled by Moon), contributing to the poetic expressions of their music. Having Jupiter in Taurus (ruled by Venus) or in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) is where they depart, but Schumann’s Moon was probably in Virgo, another Mercury ruled sign.

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