Aspects – part 2

I talked about aspects and orb in part 1. There are other considerations in order to qualify the aspects we are looking at.

Applying and separating

Going towards the degree to form an aspect and moving passed that degree are different in quality.

Virgo 12, 13, 14…       ( square – applying)                         Sagittarius 15

Virgo 15                   ( square – exact)                           Sagittarius 15

Virgo 16, 17, 18…       ( square – separating)          Sagittarius 15

Going towards (called ‘applying’ aspect) is considered stronger than moving from (called ‘separating’ aspect). This is of course not just square, but regarding any aspect.

Quick test: are the following aspects applying or separating?

  1. Virgo 12    →   Pisces 15
  2. Pisces 15  →   Gemini 13
  3. Taurus 10 →  Virgo 12

They are: 1. applying opposition, 2. separating square and 3. applying trine. Always follow in zodiacal order!


In a similar fashion, there is another qualification regarding aspects called ‘overcoming’.

Planets in the right hand side (=earlier in zodiacal order) exert more influence or prevail over ones in the left hand side (=later in zodiacal order). This is about sextile/square/trine aspects between planets, since opposition does not involve right/left.

Assuming in the Virgo/Sagittarius square example above:

Mercury in Virgo 15    –    Moon in Sagittarius 15

These two are not equal in weight, so to speak, but Mercury is overcoming the Moon, since it is in an earlier position in zodiacal order. Mercury is prevailing over the Moon, or the Moon is dominated by Mercury, in their square relationship.


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