Zodiacal Releasing – part 1


It is so tempting to just talk about this method. I have tested it since March this year in my daily life and it works in a subtle yet profound way. It is as if I gained an observational deck from which I can see turning tides of my life – a new perspective.

Though it is possible to focus on this method alone, insightful as it is, for me this is refinement and the rest is foundation. You want to be solid in your foundational knowledge of Hellenistic astrology, prior to using this method.

Zodiacal Releasing

Zodiacal releasing is the most powerful timing method known so far. It reads your life as chapters and paragraphs. It is a fully developed technique and central to that is the use of so called Arabic lots.

Two most important Arabic lots are:

  • Lot of Spirit, pertains to the Sun/mind – your career, life direction
  • Lot of Fortune, pertains to the Moon/body – your health, general circumstances.

After locating the above lots in your natal chart (which I will explain how in part 2), you start moving within your chart following the signs in zodiacal order. If your lot is in Taurus → Gemini → Cancer… etc.. Just like a clock moving around its face, but in this case anti-clock wise.

However, you do not spend 12th of the time in each sign. That would be a clock ticking at an even pace.

Planetary periods

The planets and luminaries have different years assigned as follows:

  • Mercury: 20 years
  • Venus: 8 years
  • Mars: 15 years
  • Jupiter: 12 years
  • Saturn: 30 years
  • Sun: 19 years
  • Moon: 25 years

You know already that each sign of the zodiac is ruled by a planet/luminary.

This means: if you start from Taurus, ruled by Venus = 8 years, the occupation in Taurus would last for 8 years of your life. After which, you move to the following zodiacal sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury = 20 years, so the period of occupation in Gemini would last for 20 years, and so forth.

At this stage, all you need to know is: in some signs, you spend more time, and in other signs you spend less time of your life.

4 Levels

Periods of timing have also sub-periods and work on 4 levels, on the basis of which there is a 12th-part division of time as follows:

1 year = 360 days

1 month = 30 days (12th of the year)

1 week = 2.5 days (12th of the month)

1 day = 5 hours (12th of the week)

So weeks and days are actually shorter than the calendar equivalents.

Level 1 changes following the planetary periods as I explained above. Level 2 changes every few years or less. Level 3 changes every few months or less. Level 4 changes every few days or less.

(This will be easier to understand when I talk about it with examples).

In part 2, I will explain how to calculate your lots of Fortune/Spirit, Fortune angles and triads.