Zodiacal Releasing – example 1

In looking at time periods on different levels, we mainly consider:

  • Fortune angles as a sequence of events preparatory/peak/completion
  • Malefic/Benefic planets influence as challenging or smooth course of events

So for example, if you see your level 1 period is in Leo, you ask:

Where is Leo in relation to my lot of Fortune? Is it one of my Fortune angles hence peak periods? or one before or one after? Also, where is Leo in relation to my malefic and benefic planets? In square/opposition thus challenging? or trine/sextile thus harmonious?

Let’s now look at real life examples.

Person A.

Lot of Fortune: Libra

Fortune angles: Libra (1), Capricorn (4), Aries (7) and Cancer (10).

Released by the lot of Spirit: Pisces


Level 1  28 Oct 2012 – 21 July 2031  Leo = completion (one after Cancer)

Level 2  11 Jan – 6 Sept 2016  Libra = peak

→ 7 Sept 2016 – 1 Dec 2017  Scorpio = completion (one after Libra)

Level 3  14 June – 27 Aug 2016  Aquarius = completion (one after Cap)

Level 4  8 Aug 2016 Scorpio = completion (one after Libra).

Something extraordinary is happening to this person’s life. On the 8th of August 2016, at 15:00 local time, he expressed his ‘personal’ thoughts over the possibility or feasibility of what has not happened in that land for 200 years: retirement from throne.

As you can see from the above line-up of levels 1 to 4, the 8th of August falls in the periods (underlined): completion – peak – completion – completion.

For the level 2 being still ‘peak’ period for him, he certainly isn’t ready to go or in this case he is not allowed to. Level 2 is just under Level 1 and too significant a level to ignore. When Level 2 enters into Scorpio = completion, and during that period, that is, by the latest 1 Dec. 2017, he is likely to end his reign by abdication.

My guess is: that day levels 3 and 4 will also fall into ‘completion’ periods again, to be perfectly aligned on all levels.


As for the malefic/benefic influence: he is a Night native and both his malefic Saturn and benefic Venus are present in Aquarius, in his 3rd place.

Level 1  28 Oct 2012 – 21 July 2031  Leo = 9th place of ‘national authorities’ or ‘enemy of kings’, in opposition to his 3rd place with Saturn and Venus

Level 2  11 Jan – 6 Sept 2016  Libra = 11th, trine to 3rd

→ 7 Sept 2016 – 1 Dec 2017  Scorpio = 12th, square to 3rd

(Note these 9/11/12th places above are his normal places from Ascendent, as we are looking at the positions of his Saturn and Venus in his natal chart and how they qualify his time periods).

Clearly, he arrives at the end of his cycle and he must deal with the ‘enemy of kings’ i.e. the government of the land which must first enact a law to allow abdication itself (it’s been long abolished). Note that Saturn pertains to rules and government. Venus’ presence next to Saturn (less than 1 degree distance), however, is the promise of a graceful exit that he naturally deserves.

When his Level 2 moves from Libra to Scorpio, he will be in his 12th place, square to his Saturn/Venus. Square triggers a forced change (in this case, abdication).

But why is the 9th place considered ‘enemy of kings’?

10th = Culminating Angle (apex of one’s career) ← 9th

If the 10th was 1st, then the one before would be 12th. Thus, in relation to the 10th place’s theme as culmination of one’s reputation and career, the place before is the end of that theme. It can be seen as a threat to what one has achieved in life, just like the 12th (=one before 1st) being considered place of ‘enemy’ to one-self (=1st).

In conclusion: with considerations to his Fortune angles and malefic/benefic planets, you can see how the (perfect) timing is taking shape in his life.

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