Friday of mercy – ZR example 2

I read an article last week about the latest initiative he instigated called ‘Venerdi di misricordia (Friday of Mercy)’. It was about his visit last Friday to a rescue centre where women/migrants, lied about a better life and forced into prostitution, were rescued and looked after.

I immediately thought that he must be a Night native, with benefic Venus, as Friday is the day of Venus.

We know he has been on a particular mission ever since he started his papacy. He will keep going and do what needs to be done in the name of mercy. But what time period is he in now and his immediate future?

Pope Francesco

Night native; Benefic Venus, malefic Saturn

Lot of Fortune: Taurus

Fortune angles: Taurus (1), Leo (4), Scorpio (7) and Aquarius (10).

Released by the lot of Spirit: Leo

Level 1  25 Nov 2009 – 6 July 2036  Capricorn = preparatory (one before Aqua.)

Level 2 13 Feb 2012-  Aquarius = peak [Venus], started papacy on 13 Mar. 2013, also on levels 3 and 4 peak (Scorpio) that day

1 Aug 2014- Pisces = completion [Saturn]

27 July 2015– Aries = preparatory

19 Oct 2016- Taurus = peak [Fortune]

16 June 2017- Gemini = completion, square to Saturn

Level 3  16 July 2016-  Capricorn = preparatory

21 Sept. 2016- Aquarius = peak

19 Oct. 2016- Taurus = peak

Currently he is in the above underlined periods across levels 1 to 3, all of which are preparatory.

On Level 1, he is in Capricorn preparatory until 2036 when he becomes 100. If he is preparing for something that has never been attempted by any of his predecessors, and if he is leaving that as his legacy when he goes, so be it.

On Level 2, exactly two months from now in October, he enters into another peak period. The last time he was in peak on the same level 2, he was chosen to be a pope. This time he is back to where his lot of Fortune is, in Taurus. More important actions are to be expected from this man during this period.

On level 3 that peak starts a month earlier, which possibly heralds what comes in October onwards. (Note that when the upper level, in this case level 2, moves, the lower level also moves accordingly, hence Aquarius → Taurus happens in October).

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