Triangle and replication – ZR example 3


Justin Trudeau

Night native; Benefic Venus, Malefic Saturn

Lot of Fortune: Taurus – Fortune angles: Taurus (1), Leo (4), Scorpio (7) and Aquarius (10).

Released by the lot of Spirit: Sagittarius

Level 1  4 June 2010 – 29 Dec 2039  Aquarius = peak  [Venus]

Level 2  6 Oct 2015–  Gemini = completion [Saturn]

General elections 19 Oct; Assumed office 4 Nov. 2015

28 May 2017- Cancer = preparatory

Level 3  29 July 2016– Capricorn = preparatory

5 Oct 2016- Aquarius = peak

level 4 18-21 Oct 2016- Gemini


His level 1 started a peak period for him 6 years ago, with his benefic Venus present in the 10th place from Fortune. It is in Aquarius, ruled by Saturn, lasting for 29 years until 2039. So the stage is set for him, so to speak, and it was meant to be.

Interestingly though, on level 2, he won election and assumed office not in one of his peak periods but after he entered Gemini, a completion period, with Saturn present.

Air sign triangle

The position of his Saturn is exactly at the beginning of his natal chart 10th place of career and reputation. That is the 12 o’clock position on a wheel. Saturn pertains to government. There is no better or stronger postion for Saturn, given his job.

Furthermore, his Saturn in Gemini at 0 degree forms trine to his Venus in Aquarius 3 degree – a gorgeous sustainment between his malefic and benefic planets. To complete a triangle, there is his Pluto in Libra at 2 degrees.  A perfect triangle in all air signs is formed.

Though air signs are mind/intellect oriented, Pluto’s mission is to transform. If the native manages to navigate through all these three planetary energies, within this awesome triangle, he can do (and transform) many things.

Replication period

Currently in the underlined periods on levels 1 to 3 above, when his level 3 switches from Capricorn to Aquarius in October, he strikes a so-called ‘replication’ period, when levels 3 and 4 repeat levels 1 and 2. That is:

Level 1 – level 2 – level 3 – level 4

Aquarius – Gemini – Aquarius – Gemini

I do not know what is happening in Canadian politics around 18-21 October, but something significant may happen or surface then. Still, for him to take new initiatives, we may have to wait until May next year, when he enters a preparatory period on level 2.

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