From Moscow with love – ZR example 4

Edward Snowden

Night native; Benefic Venus, Malefic Saturn

Lot of Fortune: Capricorn – Fortune angles: Capricorn (1), Aries (4), Cancer (7) and Libra (10).

Released by Lot of Spirit: Libra

Level 1  20 Feb 2006 – 18 Dec 2017  Sagittarius = preparatory 

21 June 2013: charge against him made public; 23 June 2013: flew from HK to Moscow

19 Dec 2017- Capricorn = peak [Fortune]

Level 2  28 Apr 2016 – 18 Dec 2017  Cancer = peak

Level 3  16 Aug 2016– Virgo = preparatory

  5 Oct 2016- Libra = peak [Saturn]

Merging of oppositions

His natal chart has an eye-catching contrast between 1st (self) and 7th (spouse/opponent) places. He has:

1st place Gemini: Mercury (Information), Mars (Military), Sun (Ego)

7th place Sagittarius: Uranus (Technology), Neptune (Deception), Jupiter (Justice)

That is one impressive merging of oppositions and he is obviously living it.

He has his benefic Venus in Leo and his malefic Saturn in Libra. Venus in the 3rd place of ‘mobility’ probably saved him on at least one crucial moment. Or the presence of the lot of Spirit in Libra curtailed the malefic influence of Saturn there. Or both.

Though on level 2 he is already in a peak period as underlined above, at the end of next year, he moves on level 1 to his Fortune 1st place, Capricorn. That is going to be very significant for him. Just moving away from the opposition on the highest level must be good. What he will make out of it is yet to see.

Exit given

On 23 June 2013, when he flew from Hong Kong to Moscow, where was he on levels 2 to 4? He had:

Level 1 – level 2 – level 3 – level 4

Sagittarius – Aries – Virgo – Gemini

From the top level to the very bottom, that 1st/7th opposition between Sagittarius and Gemini is clearly present. Virgo from level 3 is squaring both, further locking them down. Aries, the only peak time here, however, gave him an exit. It is trine to Venus, in the 11th place of ‘Good Spirit’, and on level 2 which is more important than its under levels. The rest is a history.

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