Monthly: Libra – balance and grace

The Sun enters the sign of Libra on 22 September and stays there until 22 October.

Libra factsheet

By qualities, Cardinal sign: it initiates, begins anew.

By elements, Air sign: intellect/mind oriented, communication adept.

Libra’s ruler planet is Venus, favouring art, beauty, fashion.

Saturn is exalted in Libra.

Dates to look forward to
  • Mercury direct on 22 Sept. around its exaltation degree (15 Virgo) for extra fanfare.
  • Mars enters Capricorn on 27 Sept. Which is a welcome move, as it is leaving Sagittarius where Saturn is also present. It is better that these two malefics are NOT together! Also, Mars is exalted in Capricorn so it feels at its adage.
  • New Moon on 1 Oct: at 8 degrees in Libra. Jupiter conjunct the Moon, ruler Venus (in Scorpio) trine Neptune (in Pisces) = smooth.
  • 11 Oct: Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Libra going forward (last time it was retro in Virgo).  Communication/literal mind gets extra boost. Also Aquarius Moon trine to both the day before = innovative.
NOT to look forward to
  • Venus enters Scorpio on 23 Sept. Venus does not do so well in this sign (called detriment); until 18 Oct.
  • 5 Oct: Mars square Jupiter.
  • Full Moon on 16 Oct: at 23 degrees in Aries. Just 3 days before Mars (ruler of Aries) conjunct Pluto. Mercury square Pluto, Uranus conjunct Moon = better withdraw and not get caught in the mix!
Backdrop: Jupiter – Pluto – Uranus

Since Jupiter is in Libra (around 2 degrees now), what is in Capricorn (90 degrees away) makes square to Jupiter, and what is in Aries (180 degrees away) makes opposition to Jupiter. That is Pluto at 15 degrees in Capricorn, and Uranus at 23 degrees in Aries.

Jupiter moves much faster than the other two, which means it will sooner than later reach at 15 and 23 degrees to meet the other two. In fact, from mid October onwards, these three are heading towards square/opposition (called T-square).

Let’s say: Jupiter is a ‘good’ (though prone to excess) guy here, Pluto is ‘raw and crude’ force to reckon with, Uranus is totally unpredictable! And they are all in Cardinal signs, so who wants to take an initiative? Everybody! More on these three next month.

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