Transit revisited – Mars in Capricorn

Mars has just started its transit through the sign of Capricorn. It has gained its normal speed after going back and forth in Scorpio/Sagittarius.

In order to see what this (or any other) transit can bring to you in particular, check in your chart:

  1. Where is the sign of Capricorn in your natal chart? If it is 4th = home, for example, expect some activity/action/enactment in the theme of home or parents by Mars transiting there.
  2. What is present in the sign of Capricorn? Venus? Mercury? While going through Capricorn, Mars will meet those present in the sign, creating conjunction.
  3. To what does Mars make aspect during its transit through Capricorn? You need to know how your chart looks, i.e. which planets are positioned in which places (houses) in your chart.

Let’s further explore the above point 3.

Capricorn is by quality cardinal sign and by element earth sign.

Every 90 degrees in a chart is a cardinal sign (90 x 4 = 360) and every 120 degrees is an earth sign (120 x 3 = 360). So if you have planets in any other cardinal sign, Mars will be square or opposition to them during its transit in Capricorn. If you have planets in any other earth sign, Mars will be trine to them during its transit in Capricorn.

For example, I have Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Virgo, i.e. both earth signs and they will be trine (120 degrees) to Mars during its transit in Capricorn. In the most harmonious way (or in the least provocative, by Mars’ standards), my writing/language (Mercury) and action (Mars) are going to be stimulated by this transit of Mars.

Another thing you may want to check in your chart is where your Saturn is, since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Going through Capricorn, Mars is a guest. The host is Saturn, whether Saturn is there or elsewhere in your chart.

Whether Saturn in your chart is strong (being ruler or exalted) or weak (detriment or fall) will affect how the guest Mars behaves in Capricorn. If you see a full-on armoured guard at the gate, you might as well be on your best behaviour, while a not-so-looked-after environment makes you feel… unleashed?

In any case, it is a Malefic planet (Mars) being hosted by another Malefic planet (Saturn) situation. Until Mars moves onto Aquarius on 9 November.

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