Monthly: Scorpio – True detective

The sun is in the sign of Scorpio from 22 October until 21 November. It is relatively quiet throughout, without much drama. It’s been a long time since we could take a break from ongoing ‘drama’. Are we taking the first sigh of relief since the beginning of this year? Almost feels like it!

Scorpio factsheet

Water (element), Fixed (quality), Mars ruled.

New Moon in Scorpio

30 Oct: in Scorpio 8 degrees, conjunct Mercury, trine Neptune. Heightened intuition facilitates your leap of faith.

Inner planets change signs

24 Oct: Mercury enters Scorpio.

8 Nov: Mars enters Aquarius.

(Mundane: US election)

11 Nov: Venus enters Capricorn. At this point, both Mars and Venus are in the signs ruled by Saturn.

12 Nov: Mercury enters Sagittarius. It is detriment = not comfortable in this sign.

Full moon in Taurus

14 Nov: in Taurus 23 degrees, trine Pluto. Sensitivity grows, prior to Neptunian days (see below).

Neptunian days

17 Nov: Neptune conjunct South node in Pisces 9 degrees. Vulnerable (South node) and magnanimous (Neptune).

18 Nov: Neptune squares Mercury.

19 Nov: Neptune goes direct (Pisces 9 degrees).

Re the ‘backdrop’

I mentioned in the last monthly what was building up in the background between the trio Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus. Which is now getting closer to the first one of Jupiter square Pluto (24 November).

Square as aspect is difficult, but it is an opportunity for growth. The motto of Jupiter (‘confirm’) is checked by Plutonian filter (‘transform’), because if it is not pure or raw enough, it is not worthy of confirmation according to our Pluto. See if you can engage these two in a constructive way, in order to advance what you have set your mind upon.

Have a great month!

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