Annual profections – part 1

Every year on your birthday, certain places (= houses) in your chart get activated. Since there are 12 places/divisions in your chart, every 12 years you have the same place activated.

The condition and the placement of the ruler planet (of your annual profection place) will dictate the year ahead.

It can show you repeated themes and patterns in your life, which occur every 12 years. It can also ‘contextualise’ or ‘personalise’ transits.

Counting from your Ascendant

Most commonly, you count in zodiacal order starting from your Ascendant/1st place. Hence, on your birthdays when you become 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96… years old, i.e. every 12 years, your 1st place gets activated.

For example, if you are 44 years old, you must be in the 9th place annual profection year, because you will reach 1st place in 4 years (when you are 48 years old) and there are 4 places from 9th (44 years old) → 1st (48 years old).

And if that 9th place in our example was in the sign of Sagittarius, we would look at the condition and the placement of Jupiter (= ruler of Sagittarius) in that person’s chart.

For the condition, you ask: is the ruler planet (Jupiter in this case) in the chart exalted? detriment? bonified (trine) or maltreated (square/opposition), in relation to other planets?

For the placement, you see where in the chart the ruler planet is. If it is in the 2nd place, for example, both the 9th place theme (higher education, foreign travel) and the 2nd place theme (livelihood) will be highlighted in the activation of the 9th place annual profection year.

Counting from your Sect light

You can also count from your Sect light (Sun for day native, Moon for night native).

Thus, when you are 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96… years old, the place you have your natal Sun or Moon gets activated.

For example, if you are a day native, with your natal Sun in the 4th place, at 44 you are in the 12th place annual profection year by your Sect light, since at 48 you should hit the 4th place where the Sun is and 12th (44 years old) → 4th (48 years old).

12 year cycle

It is interesting to know that the exact same place gets activated every 12 years. If your life was woven with different colours of threads, patterns could emerge with the 12-year cyclical period. You apply your self knowledge to recognising the patterns, and they become highly personal.

I am right now in my 4th place annual profection by Ascendant, and 1st place by the sect light, though it is only half way in (since May). The 4th place is about ‘home’ but also ‘end of the matter’ ‘de-termination’, as it is the subterranean angle (the very bottom of the wheel). The 1st place is where you begin again the 12 divisions so a new beginning. I am embarking on a new ‘adventure’, just like 12 years ago.

In part 2: how transits get affected by the profection place you are in, and variations regarding profections.

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