Annual profections – part 2

When you find out what profection place is activated in a particular year, you know: 1) which place in your natal chart is activated; 2) ruled by what planet and 3) where the ruling planet is in your chart.

Let’s see how to use the above information in order to filter common transits.

Transits – to/by/through

Transits are common to all, as we share one sky. However, knowing your annual profection place, certain transits become more important for you if they are:

  • To the lord (ruler planet) of the year;
  • By the lord of the year;
  • Through the profection place.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I am right now in my 4th place annual profection year (by Ascendent). My 4th place is ruled by Mars. So I pay more attention to:

  • transits to my natal Mars, if there are any planets currently aspecting my Mars via conjunction/square/opposition/trine;
  • transits by Mars to the planets or nodes in my chart;
  • transits by any planets passing through my 4th place.

It is an useful filtering mechanism for transits. You do not have to look at every transit by every planet in the same way. You can instead focus on certain transits, with your annual profection place in mind.

Eclipse and retrograde

Leo is ruled by the Sun; Cancer is ruled by the Moon. If your annual profection place is one of these signs, you are more susceptible to new/full moons and eclipses in particular.

And if your profection place is ruled by Mercury, its retrograde periods throughout the year affect you more. This is also the case with Mars or Venus retrograde, if that occurs during the year.

Variations of profections

Your birth time determines your Ascendent and your luminary (sect light) also reflects whether you were born in a day or night time. In other words, they are personal and that is why they should be chosen as starting points.

Variations to these would be to choose one of 12 places as context whether it is your relationship, career, children, etc. and count from there.

For example, in the context of your career, your 10th place has 0, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60th… year. If you are 51 years old, you are in the 1st place profection in the context of career/10th place.

Adding too many contexts may be confusing, but if you are particularly interested in how your career life has unfolded over years or how you have lived through your relationships, for example, this may be an interesting exercise.

The main focus when using this method is to see unifying threads in the weave of your life throughout years.