As above so below…

At the gathering I attended in September 2015, one of the astrologers gave a talk about the period 2018-2025, with focus on great conjunctions of the outer planets starting in 2020.

Someone in the audience asked: what about 2016? Presidential elections in the US? He did not seem to think it significant enough either way. What matters is 2020: the year looks so rare and incredible, if “as above so below” is true, what occurs on earth has to match what occurs in the sky. The 2020 US elections included.

Two years prior to that year, there is Uranus’ ingress into Taurus (15 May 2018). Two years following, there is USA’s first Pluto return (20 Feb. 2022). In other words, there will be an intense energy of transformation. 2017 may be a little break, before intensity gets going.

Great conjunctions of 2020

Why is 2020 so exceptional? Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will make conjunctions three times: Saturn/Pluto (12 Jan), Jupiter/Pluto (April-Jun) and Jupiter/Saturn (21 Dec). Each has 38 years, 13 years and 20 years’ cycle of occurrence, so you may say they are not so rare. If you are older than 38, you have experienced them.

But all in the same year? Unheard of.

And the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December 2020 occurs at 0 degree in Aquarius, heralding a new ‘era’. The US elections that year will be over by then. ‘New’ has a name.

It is of course not just about the US. Uranus in the earthy fixed sign of Taurus can dig its heels in the most pressing issue of land/borders/flux of people in the EU. Uranus is also Nature – nature and its ‘disasters’.

Onwards and upwards…

There’s more. Three conjunctions in 2020 are followed by three more: Jupiter/Neptune (April 2022), Jupiter/Uranus (April 2024) and Saturn/Neptune (Feb 2026). There will in fact be 6 great conjunctions in the course of 6 years. And prior to ending this line of big celestial encounters, Uranus will leave Taurus behind and enter the sign of Gemini (7 July 2025).

The sky that day will present a perfect trine (120 degrees) between Venus and Pluto, a perfect sextile (60 degrees) between Neptune and Saturn. No hard aspects – a perfect flow.

Such future seems unfathomable right now, but it is coming. It will touch every one of us, every corner of this planet. Our faith in future is backed by the planets. We’d better believe it.


(With thanks to astrologer Aleksandar Imsiragic)

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