Monthly: Sagittarius – Archer’s mirage

The sun is in the sign of Sagittarius from 21 November to 21 December.

Jupiter square Pluto, Venus conjunct Pluto

First of Jupiter square Pluto (Libra/Capricorn 15 degrees) is exact on the 24th. On the following day, Venus conjoins Pluto, so Jupiter squares both of them. See where these degrees fall in your chart: which houses/places, what planets and aspects, to see what is highlighted for you.

In contrast, the weekend after is full of harmonious aspects: Mercury trine Uranus, Moon trine Neptune (26 Nov) and Moon sextile Pluto/Venus (27 Nov). Get immersed in your favourite art?

New Moon in Sagittarius

New moon on the 29th is sextile (60 degrees) to Jupiter and to Mars, intercepting the trine (120 degrees) between them. So far so good! The moon is however square to the south node in Pisces. The south node is a poignant reminder to what is vulnerable (and possibly broken) in us. Pisces longs for whole-ness, which is not just idealism on its part.

The Sun squares Neptune from Sagittarius 9 degrees on the following day, where it energises again the solar eclipse degree of the 1st of September (Virgo 9 degrees). Exactly 60 days later, it reaches 90 degrees away from that degree. Any resonance or resolution from that time is possible. Neptune of dreams and hope is on the other side of square (Pisces 9 degrees).

Full moon in Gemini

The last full moon of 2016 is in the sign of Gemini 23 degrees on the 14th. There occurs a beautiful air grand trine between Moon (Gemini) – Mars (Aquarius) – Jupiter (Libra). Air signs give us perspective for creative development, which we can all carry forward to the coming year.

The next day the moon from the sign of Cancer squares both Jupiter (Libra) and Uranus (Aries). Two giants are going to be in exact opposition later in the month (24 Dec), and the Moon moving fast enough salutes both.

Trickster strikes again

Just before we end the year, Mercury goes retro one more time on the 19th, in Capricorn 15 degrees. Yes, it is the same degree again, where Jupiter squared Pluto (see above). When the same degree is hit on different occasions, via different planets, the purpose is to shed special light on it. Just like 9 degrees of mutable signs (Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces) mentioned above.

Pluto’s line of action and Mercury’s line of thought intersect one another, but one of them is going backwards! Until 8 January when Mercury goes direct (in Sagittarius 28 degrees).

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