End 2016 – Uranus alert

I am changing my monthly sticky posts to every calendar month, which allows me to give you the last 10 days of December as a preview of the new format (minus monthly overview).

It will contain:

  1. Monthly planetary overview: most important astrological events in that month;
  2. Weekly leading planet: if any of the planets is dominating the scene and leading the rest, with what implications for our mundane life;
  3. Daily planet radar: what is prominent on a daily basis, retro, full/new moon, planet changing signs, etc..

It is very much like weather forecast in a sense that you do not want to plan an important communication/information related event on the day Mercury goes retro, or expect a calm and peaceful meeting when Uranus/Mars are hanging in the background. Also check the sign of the Moon for the day, as it affects general atmosphere (and overall emotional response).

Dates shown in orange need caution, while in blue are favourable.

Week 19 December-

Weekly leading planet: Uranus – disruptive, unexpected events

Mercury goes retro on Monday but Uranus (in Aries) is dominating the scene for the rest of the month.

Daily planet radar

19 Dec: Mercury (going retro in Capricorn 15 degrees)

22 Dec: Uranus (opposing Moon in Libra)

24 Dec: Saturn (trine Uranus, sextile Jupiter, from Sagittarius 20 degrees)

25 Dec: Venus (in Aquarius 20 degrees, trine Jupiter, sextile Uranus and Saturn)

Week 26 December-

Weekly leading planetUranus – disruptive, unexpected events

The exact opposition between Jupiter and Uranus occurs on the 26th. It is the first of 3 occasions of the same opposition (3 March and 28 September 2017), so the span of influence is long. Uranus goes direct on the 29th, electrifying the atmosphere.

Mercury despite its retro motions beautifully translates the Moon on the 28th, just before it gets new. Against Uranus’ dominance,  Mercury is actually giving solace right now.

Daily planet radar

26 Dec: Jupiter/Uranus (exact opposition Libra/Aries 20 degrees)

27 Dec: Saturn (conjunct Moon)

28 Dec: Mercury (conjunct Moon in Capricorn 7 degrees, sextile Mars) “deep, resounding clarity”

29 Dec: Uranus (direct in Aries 20 degrees, square Moon)

30 Dec: Mercury (trine North node)
“encouraging resolutions for the new year”

31 Dec: Mars (conjunct Neptune in Pisces 9 degrees)



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