January 2017 – monthly and horoscope

We are approaching a new era beginning 2020 (‘Great Reset’) and in 2017 we truly begin the count-down of our life time. Things will end in the next 3 years if they are not meant to be carried forward. The planets will guide us in our collective ‘purge’ and I am glad I could be ‘wisely’ advised, in stead of not having a compass.

My mission (and passion) is to read planetary messages and present their collective dance through these monthly posts and others.

Here we are in January 2017: Venus changes sign to Pisces (2 Jan) where it is exalted, Mercury stations direct (8 Jan), Cancer full moon squaring Jupiter/Uranus (12 Jan), Mars changes sign to Aries (28 Jan) over which it rules.


Week 1 January Breaking down the residual (Pluto)
While Mercury completes its last week of retrograde, Pluto receives the Sun in the sign of Capricorn. Energising as it is, Pluto is the ‘purger’ – pursuing only that which is worth pursuing.

2 Jan: Venus (enters Pisces, her sign of ‘exaltation’)
4 Jan: Mercury (retro into Sagittarius, square Moon)
6 Jan: Pluto (conjunct Sun, 17 Capricorn)
7 Jan: Venus (conjunct South node, 4 Pisces)


Week 8 January – Initiating amongst tensions (Jupiter/Uranus)
Both Uranus (Aries) and Jupiter (Libra) square the Sun (Capricorn) and the Moon (Cancer), under an intense full moon. All in Cardinal signs, so ‘just do it’ is prevalent and tempting, but better take it slow on our convictions.

8 Jan: Mercury (stations direct, 28 Sagittarius)
*28 degrees of Fire signs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) are hit often this year
10 Jan: Uranus (square Sun)
11 Jan: Jupiter (square Sun)
12 Jan: Full Moon in Cancer 23 degrees opposing Sun/Pluto, squaring Jupiter/Uranus = Grand cardinal cross. Later in the day Venus conjunct Neptune (Pisces 10 degrees).  Mercury, now direct, enters Capricorn


Week 15 January – Growing pains (Mars/Saturn)
Though both Mars and Saturn are traditionally Malefic, when dignified, they can boldly (Mars) and patiently (Saturn) move things forward. Now 90 degrees apart, the pair was conjunct on 24 August 2016. From the seeds sown back then, what needs growing into a next stage?

18 Jan: Mars/Saturn (square in Pisces/Sagittarius 23 degrees)
19 Jan: Sun into Aquarius (where it is ‘detriment’ = does not ‘shine’)
20 Jan: Venus (sextile Pluto)


Week 22 January – Coming together (Venus/Saturn)
Building up (or down, because it is a dark moon phase) to Saturday, note that daily planet this week is perfectly aligned to the planetary ruler of each day, i.e. Tuesday=Mars, Wednesday=Mercury, Thursday=Jupiter, Friday=Venus, and the new moon during the night under Saturn (=Saturday) ruled Aquarius.

24 Jan: Mars (square Moon)
25 Jan: Mercury (conjunct Moon)
26 Jan: Uranus/Jupiter (square Moon in Capricorn)
27 Jan: Venus/Saturn (square in 24 Pisces/Sagittarius)
28 Jan: New moon in Aquarius 8 degrees, hitting the midpoint between Venus/Saturn square. Venus can soften the austerity of Saturnian message or lesson. Later in the day Mars enters Aries, the sign it rules.


Week 29 January – Polishing the pillar of knowledge (Mercury)
Mercury does not belong to Day or Night, but both, as it travels naturally beyond borders, uncovering knowledge of both realms. Mercury meeting with Pluto is like tuning into the sharpest mind; fluidity, not rigidity, however, remains the key. That is why Mercury goes above and below at the same time.

29 Jan: Mercury (conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 17 degrees)
30 Jan: Mercury/Pluto (sextile Moon in Pisces)
31 Jan: Mercury (square Uranus); Mars (conjunct Moon in Aries)

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Your sun sign horoscope for January

Saturn, ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius, is the ultimate time-keeper, also called ‘Chrono’. What relationship do you have (or would you like to have) with time this month?

Aries: While you wait for your ruler Mars to come home end month, some quality time of introspection can be had. Acceleration will happen automatic then, so why not relax in the meantime.

Taurus: Leave anxiety for another time, as your ruler Venus approaches your sign, exalted and still direct! The unknown gives you space and time to dream. Dream big.

Gemini: Collaborate with time is still required. Things get easier as you get better at it. Or conversations around you get more interesting. Maturity has a surprising face sometimes.

Cancer: Full moon in your sign may show you what you have missed before, deliberately or otherwise. No need (or time) to be scared of. Vitality is in you, so is grace, you just have to use it.

Leo: Universal time is infinite, but human time is limited. You are in a great position to intercept both abundance and limitations. Be bravely human and walk the talk.

Virgo: You can be selective at choosing your lessons. More often than not, others need do their duties. So that you have more free time you deserve this month.

Libra: Your ruler Venus is behind the clouds of Pisces. Lingering doubt or letting go? Time is on your side, so you decide when it comes to “more or less”.

Scorpio: Venus is in a fellow water sign of Pisces, prodding towards your ruler Mars, which leaves her behind and the meeting does not happen. Patience! and keep your goal/s dear to your heart for now.

Sagittarius: If time is linear, not circular, how ‘beyond’ and ‘within’ can co-habit? Philosopher at heart, you are motivated. Do not forget to share your thoughts with others, as you expand the horizon. Stay in a circle, not on line.

Capricorn: Last veils are being pulled as time is ticking. You can handle a possible drama of full moon, because now is better than later. Or so it seems. But time does not disdain the benefit of doubt.  Be fluid with time.

Aquarius: At a safe distance, you are mostly at a steady pace. But preciousness of time can be revealed through interactions with others. When you shorten the distance this month, the revealer may be right behind you.

Pisces: With Venus and Mars in your sign, some fun time to have, perhaps? New connections and chance encounters are possible, time is not a boring factor this month.

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