February 2017 – Eclipse, Jupiter, your dreams

Please note: time used as reference is GMT which is close to Central European Time (GMT + 1 hour) where I live. Also, ‘daily rader’ is now integrated in the weekly and I pick ‘Best day of the week’ each week.

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February’s dominating feature is Eclipses: full moon on the 11th and new moon on the 26th. They will connect us to the next (and more dramatic) set of eclipses in August this year. Portals are open so to speak between the eclipses. Tread boldly or carefully, depending on your disposition.

Full moon/lunar eclipse occurs on the 10th/11th in the night in Europe (0:33 GMT) at 22 Leo. It is followed by sextile Jupiter (in Libra), trine Saturn (in Sagittarius) and the Sun trine Jupiter. So what follows the sun/moon opposition is actually gentle and harmonious.

It is a different story with the new moon/solar eclipse on the 26th which occurs at 8 Pisces (14:58 GMT). The day before, Moon in Aquarius goes on a very smooth ride: sextile Mars, Uranus and trine Jupiter, and ends the day with sextile Saturn. Then, Mercury changes sign to Pisces, Moon follows suit, and music changes (read about Mercury’s role that week below). What follows: Mars conjunct Uranus (radical or disruptive action) and Mars opposing Jupiter (disagreement) the following day. Which is a very different development compared to the soothing after-notes of the lunar eclipse two weeks prior.

We might as well go headlong toward the eventful beginning of March, but the very last day of February gives us… nothing – stillness before a storm.

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Days of the week are governed as follows:
Sunday = Sun
Monday = Moon
Tuesday = Mars
Wednesday = Mercury
Thursday = Jupiter
Friday = Venus
Saturday = Saturn
* Hours of the day have also planetary governance.

(week 29 JanMercury)

Mercury is still on stage when it squares Jupiter on Thursday. Its fluidity is at odds with Jupiter, since Jupiter is not moving, preparing to go retro. They have different agenda for now. On Friday, the day of Venus, she changes sign to Aries.

Week 5 Feb –  Jupiter

Jupiter stations retro (23 Libra) on Monday, Mercury changes sign to Aquarius on Tuesday. Now they are both in Air sign, but only one is going forward. Wednesday is drama filled: Moon opposing Pluto, square Uranus and Jupiter and Jupiter is still not moving. On Thursday as Jupiter decides to move (albeit backwards), the air gets lighter: Moon trine Venus, and later trine Mars. Despite the fact that the eclipse is looming, Friday (10 Feb/Best day of the week) has a very nice undertone: Mercury sextile Venus (21:18 GMT), for your musical and artistic inspiration and articulation. First eclipse of the year on Saturday has a mellow undertone (see above).

Week 12 Feb – Saturn

Throughout the week, Saturn is on centre stage. It squares Moon on Monday, sextile Sun on Tuesday, and sextile Moon on Wednesday. Thursday (16 Feb/Best day of the week) has a different tone: Mercury sextile Mars (18:15 GMT), for active mind and focused action. On Saturday, Sun enters Pisces, a sign no longer ruled by Saturn. Saturn’s presence this week is in fact a sombre reminder: have you done your homework, before you move on?

Week 19 FebMercury

Before changing sign on Saturday and triggering the eclipse drama, Mercury dances with everyone this week. On Tuesday (21 Feb/Best day of the week), Mercury sextile Uranus (04:01 GMT), and trine Jupiter (18:27 GMT). Communication and (radical) idea. Wednesday is frictional with Mars square Pluto for a potentially destructive action. On Thursday Mercury sextile Saturn, for more (tangible) idea. Then pre-eclipse Saturday is rather smooth (see above), but Mercury steps into Pisces, and things get darker.

Week 26 FebMars/Jupiter/Uranus…

Buckle up for a BIG week! Sunday’s eclipse is heavily followed by Mars conjunct Uranus (22 Aries). The last square between this pair occurred on 28 October, about 4 months ago. Monday, Mars opposing Jupiter – last square between these two was 5 October. So both of Mars’ signatures send us back to October 2016, but one is emerging (conjunction), the other is culminating (opposition). Think back last 4 months and what directions your actions (Mars) are taking, as we end this short month.

The Moon’s phase subtly affects us every month, as it repeats:
New (0 degree) = Emerge
First quarter (90 degrees) = Act
Full (180 degrees) = Culminate
Last quarter (270 degrees) = Reorient
Similarly, aspects between two planets are a part of a bigger cycle: from a conjunction (0 degree) via opposition (180 degrees) to another conjunction. It just takes them longer, as the planetary orbits are longer than that of the moon.

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Your horoscope for February

Before the Sun changes the sign, Pisces’ ruler Jupiter goes retro (6 Feb), giving you a chance to fine tune your dreams and wishes.

Aries: Before you allow one annoying factor to become your ‘perfect enemy’, shift your perspective. It is not about you tackling it head on for a quick solution, but weighing different possibilities. With sensitivity.

Taurus: Music has a tempo, a variety of notes and melody lines. Changing one note may not be crucial in the overall scenery of that music. Yet, nothing should be left unattended, because beauty is in details. Especially the hidden one.

Gemini: You can handle both sensory and visual re-working at the same time. Or is it better to focus on one at a time? Or do they enhance each other while you work on both? All for you to experiment.

Cancer: If you reject what is foreign to you, you will miss the opportunity for enriching your life. Repetition may be comforting, but variation is often necessary. And they do not exclude one another.

Leo: You can raise the bar since you have already achieved your goal. No one seems looking in your direction though, which may annoy you, the protagonist! Oh well, you and your achievement will be noticed in due course.

Virgo: Nobody walks backwards. It seems unproductive to many, unless there is a good reason for it. You are reluctant to see the reason, but there is one. Un-tangle it and see the original.

Libra: What you are unable to express may need deeper root within you first. You give it louder voice and clearer vision, so that once expressed, it gains naturally wider audience, which you will be ready for.

Scorpio: You can compile a perfect action plan and execute it beautifully. You may have handed over the ownership of your creation once, but they think you should have all the glory this time. The sentiment is mutual.

Sagittarius: It is possible to apply a certain structure to a vision. Or lyrics to a music. Colours to a sketch. Choose carefully as the process of piecing them together is in itself a realisation.

Capricorn: Tensions are funny. If you have none, you feel rather loose, maybe too loose. Either that, or you let them all loosen up first, so that you find a new dose of tension that works best for yourself.

Aquarius: Like the symbol of your sign, waves are coming and going all the time. Many and different waves. They are not necessarily ‘in’ or ‘out’ either. Use your imagination and flow through the waves.

Pisces: The train has departed and you are still standing on the platform. There are other trains and other destinations though, which may well be just as exciting as what you have just missed. Opportunities often come in disguise.