Our luminaries

The Sun

Hot, dry and masculine. When dignified, it is faithful, humane, loving and confident. Ill dignified: arrogant, domineering and proud. The only sign it rules is Leo, the only enemy Saturn, which is why Saturn is detriment in the sign of Leo.

The organ it rules is heart, its herb: saffron, laurel, vine, stone: peridot (yellow) and ruby. Gold is its mineral. Trees: ash, palm, laurel, bamboo, cedar, orange and lemon. Eastern winds.

The Moon

Cold, wet and feminine. When dignified, it is tender, caring for the present, loving peace, living free. Ill dignified: vagabond and idle. The only sign it rules is Cancer, its enemy Saturn and Mars, which is why Saturn is detriment and Mars is fall in the sign of Cancer.

It rules glands, lymphatic system, breasts. All shell fish, frogs, snails, weasel, night owl are under its reign. Moonstone is its stone, silver its mineral. Northern winds.

(Source: W. Lilly, ‘Christian Astrology’ 1647)


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