March 2017 – Venus retro, Equinox, your perception

Venus goes retro on 4 March at 13 Aries (9:09 GMT), until 15 April when it goes direct again at 26 Pisces. Venus retro occurs every 18 months, so we had none last year. It offers us 6 weeks of re-evaluation regarding personal connections, commitments, artistic or musical expression. Fridays, days of Venus in this period will be most ‘sensitive’ to the retro.

Just one day before Venus retro, Jupiter opposes Uranus (22 Libra/Aries). It is the second of 3 passages of the opposition between this pair. The first passage took place on 26 December 2016. The opposition brings tensions, chaos, disruption and/or rejection of deals.

Full moon on the 12th occurs at 22 Virgo (GMT 14:54), after which the Moon squares Saturn (in Sagittarius) – both mutable (changeable) signs. Notice the degrees: 22? Uranus will intercept the Moon by a special aspect called ‘antiscia’ (equal distance from tropic of Cancer/Capricorn) between Uranus (Aries) and the Moon (Virgo). The Jupiter/Uranus opposition continues to be relevant.

The Sun enters Aries on the 20th, starting the astrological new year when day and night have equal hours (Equinox). The moon in the occasion conjoins Saturn (27 Sagittarius).

New moon in the early hours of the 28th occurs at 7 Aries (GMT 2:57). This time the Moon squares Pluto (in Capricorn) afterwards – both cardinal (quick to initiate) signs.

Two days later (30 March), Jupiter squares Pluto, which is also the second passage of the three, just like the Jupiter-Uranus opposition at the beginning of this month. The first passage occurred on November 24, 2016.

In fact, it is Jupiter – Pluto – Uranus T square whose effect we are subject to this month. The second passage out of three on both occasions means: they will be felt most intensely. It is not an introduction any more nor is it ‘almost-over-what-a-relief’. We are right in the middle of it all. The Moon throughout its phase intercepts them, which is the most ‘effective’ way for us to feel the planetary influence. The moon is the ultimate mediator.

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Week 26 Feb – Jupiter/Uranus/Venus

I did anticipate a BIG week, in my previous monthly. Wednesday is busy, as the Moon conjoins Uranus, opposes Jupiter and then conjoins Mars, echoing the solar eclipse just passed (26 Feb). Thursday is probably our best shot (2 March: best day of the week/BDW), with the Moon trine Saturn and sextile Mercury. Only to be deafened by the Jupiter – Uranus opposition the following night. On Saturday Venus stations retro. Check where the backtracking occurs in your chart (13 Aries back to 26 Pisces) for heightened themes.

Week 5 MarchMars

Mars trine Saturn on Sunday: ‘growing pains (square)’ between these two delivers more constructive ‘co-operation (trine)’. The moon in Cancer on Wednesday squares Jupiter, Uranus and Mars, making things difficult. In compensation, the Sun sextile Pluto and the Moon trine Venus on Thursday (9 March: BDW). Mars goes ‘retired’ in the sign of Taurus early hours of Friday, where it will not perform well (detriment), but subdued Mars is not necessarily a bad thing.

Week 12 MarchMercury/Saturn

A few hours before the full Moon on Sunday, Mercury squares Saturn (27 Pisces/Sagittarius). After becoming full, the Moon squares Saturn, and then opposes Mercury in the early hours of Monday. Later on, Mercury enters the sign of Aries, leaving its detriment/fall status in Pisces behind. We do not get introduced to Mercury in Aries, however, until it meets Venus there on Saturday (18 March: BDW). Then the Moon from another fire sign of Sagittarius trines both Venus and Mercury. Due to the retro motion of Venus, exciting conversations on Saturday night may be cut short.

Week 19 March – Saturn/Mercury

The Sun joins Mercury and Venus in Aries on Monday, marking the occasion of Equinox. The moon conjoins Saturn, before it enters the sign of Capricorn and squares the Sun immediately after and the rest (Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars) in the following days. A bumpy week culminates on Friday, when Mercury squares Pluto and opposes Jupiter: no smooth communication in sight. The Sun is conjunct Venus on Saturday (25 March: BDW), yet only one of them, i.e. the Sun is in great shape (exalted in Aries).

Week 26 March – Jupiter/Pluto

After being new on Tuesday, the Moon squares Pluto and opposes Jupiter, reminding us of what happens in two days’ time: Jupiter square Pluto. But first, the Moon enters Taurus on Wednesday and makes harmonious aspects to both Mercury and Saturn, before the pair trines one another (29 March: BDW). The contrast between Wednesday’s ‘harmony’ and Thursday’s ‘hardship’ is a reminder that the universe is never one-sided. The month ends on Friday when Mercury enters the sign of Taurus.

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Your sun sign horoscope for March 2017

Venus retro shows different angles to our perceptions on beauty, personal relationships and social expression. How would you incorporate different perspectives in these areas?

Aries: Do not get frustrated over something taking longer than normal to come together. If they want to pick up every flower petal on their way, let them. They are just plotting a bigger effect later for your enjoyment.

Taurus: Your shadow is not elongated than normal – that’s an illusion of this retro. Still, you can stretch your arms as much in order to achieve a new balance. Make integration your antidote more often than usual.

Gemini: Without colours or sounds, communication is too sombre, unless you are asked to speak at a funeral. Even then, you would use your sense of humour to lighten things up. You save moments from becoming tragic.

Cancer: Things are slightly upside down when you feel that night neons are more reliable than day light. But we know that you are a child of the Moon. Stay with your (variable) rhythm and force nothing. Nothing forces you.

Leo: What do you do between one spectacle and another? You would just have a pause if it were between two acts of the same spectacle. Maybe it is. Prepare for a longer duration of one big spectacle.

Virgo: Choosing a wrong outfit is not so tragic. Your most reliable source of reassurance is not available when you most need it. That can be slightly more tragic. Use your old acquaintance called mirror: greatest source of reflection.

Libra: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can ignore so-called defects, your own and others, and just let imagination roll. Besides, it is liberating not having to wait for an ‘approval’ that may never arrive. You define beauty.

Scorpio: Where most people see only the horizontal line, you see also the vertical line, meaning there is a natural depth to your insight. You are not afraid of blurring the lines furthermore. What emerges can surprise even you.

Sagittarius: You are unusually careful and even hesitant to pursue your own goals. Not that you doubt yourself, but you feel like you should spend more time on details than usual. Maybe you should – definitely you could.

Capricorn: We all feel a boost of confidence when you are around. We wish we could keep you apart and forever young. Ignore someone else’s demands and go ahead with your plans over re-finement.

Aquarius: You secretly strive to keep your connections alive, even though it seems so natural and effortless to the rest of us. Be the ‘connector’ we all admire, but do allow hiccups every now and then.

Pisces: ‘Sense and Sensibility’ is a famous title, but it sums up your sign quite well. Something or someone you thought you might not see for a while has just announced their return. Not unexpectedly, according to you.

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