Elections and planetary balance

In view of the elections tomorrow (15 March 2017) where I live (the Netherlands), I had a look at both front runners’ natal charts. I don’t have their birth times, only dates:

– M. Rutte, born on 14 Feb. 1967, Den Haag, Netherlands
– G. Wilders, born on 6 Sept. 1963, Venlo, Netherlands

Strikingly (well probably not so much!), their natal Moon almost to the exact same degrees (20 Aries and 19 Aries), their natal Mars only 4 degrees apart (0 Scorpio and 26 Libra). Which means: Mars in transit (3 Taurus) has culminated opposition to their respective Mars and now separating. The Moon is opposing their Moon as I write this, the day before the elections.

The Sun in transit (25 Pisces) is doing two things to Rutte: trine to his natal Jupiter (26 Cancer) and conjunct his natal Saturn (27 Pisces), exact in 2 and 3 days respectively. While Saturn in transit (27 Sagittarius) is square to his natal Saturn, also exact.

Jupiter in transit (21 Libra) is opposing Wilders’ natal Jupiter (18 Aries) but trine to his natal Saturn (18 Aquarius), applying because Jupiter is going backwards. Mercury in transit will be exactly opposing his natal Mercury in two days’ time (5 Aries/5 Libra). Being a Virgo Sun, ruler planet Mercury opposing his Mercury annoys him for sure, but Mercury is not malefic like Saturn or Mars. If it does do harm, it does in numbers. Voting as pure calculation is Mercury’s realm. However, institution/government (Saturn) and good luck/hopes (Jupiter) are just as important. Superior malefic (Saturn) and superior benefic (Jupiter) seem to be the main players for both of them.

Knowing their birth times and respective house positions would have given me more information. Any public success or culmination of one’s career should be happening in the top part of one’s chart, or close to one’s MC degrees.

In any case, there’s a notable ‘balance’ here: an Aquarius’ Saturn squared by ruler Saturn vs a Virgo’s Mercury opposed by ruler Mercury. Sun trine to natal Jupiter vs Jupiter trine to natal Saturn. Such is the testimony of the planets.

(Postscript: the Sun in transit gave Rutte an edge. Having a quasi exact trine between Saturn and Jupiter at birth does not hurt, clearly!)

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