April 2017 – Mercury retro, Venus square Saturn (twice)

April in one word is BUSY. There are many directional changes, as follows:

Saturn goes retro on the 6th (27 Sagittarius)
Mercury goes retro on the 9th  (4 Taurus)
Venus goes DIRECT on the 15th (27 Pisces)
Pluto goes retro on the 20th (19 Capricorn)

Due to Venus’ retro to direct this month, Venus squares Saturn TWICE. The first square happens on the 8th (while Venus is still retro), the second on the 21st (after it goes direct).

Normally that would be our only focus for those weeks, but April being busy, Mars is trine to Pluto and Venus is sextile to Mars accompanying the occasions respectively.

On top of all that, our usual appointment with Mercury retro starts on the 9th at 4 Taurus. It lasts more than three weeks (!) until 3 May, when Mercury goes direct at 24 Aries. During the period, Wednesdays (and Saturday nights) are going to be most sensitive to its retro hiccups. Do not consider answers and promises as ‘definite’, because they won’t be!

∗ ∗ ∗

Full moon on the 11th occurs in the sign of Libra (GMT: 6:08). Prior to being full, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter and then square Pluto. After being full, it opposes Uranus. In short: Jupiter-Pluto-Uranian energy is lit up once again.

New moon on the 26th is in the sign of Taurus (GMT: 12:16). The Moon is exalted in Taurus, i.e. happy and uplifting. Prior to being new, it is trine to Saturn. After being new, it is sextile to Neptune. These are harmonious and collaborative aspects.

Moon’s north node enters Leo on the 29th. It has been in Virgo for more than a year, so this is an important change. Nodes move from mutable signs (Virgo/Pisces) to fix signs (Leo/Aquarius).

∗ ∗ ∗

Week 2 April –
Venus/Saturn (square)
Mars/Pluto (trine)

Beginning the week on Sunday, the Moon opposes Saturn and two hours later squares Venus. It is a preview of what comes later this week (and this month) between Saturn and Venus. On Tuesday, the Moon is sextile to Mars and opposite Pluto. On Wednesday, the Moon squares Mercury which is not yet retro (BDW: 5 April). On Thursday, Mars is trine to Pluto, giving impetus for transformative (Pluto) actions (Mars). An hour later, Saturn goes retro (GMT: 5:06). On Saturday, the Moon is trine to Pluto and to Mars, still appreciating the collaboration between the two. Then, Venus squares Saturn (GMT: 20:28). Our feelings (Venus) are tested by our rules (Saturn) which are often self imposed.

Week 9 April –
Mercury (retro)
Venus (direct) 

On Sunday night, Mercury goes retro (GMT: 23:15). On Monday, the Moon conjunct Jupiter in the sign of Libra (BDW: 10 April). On Wednesday, when the Moon opposes Mercury, we get properly introduced to this Mercury retro. On Friday the Moon is trine to Venus: we are almost there with her 6 week-long retro! On Saturday, Venus goes direct (GMT: 10:18) at 27 Pisces, i.e. Venus’ ‘exaltation’ degrees, where ‘the wounded healer’ Chiron is also currently found.

Week 16 April –
Venus (sextile Mars; square Saturn)

On Sunday, the Moon squares Venus and opposes Saturn, exact replica of two weeks ago. But Venus is now direct and would rather relate to Mars. On Monday Venus is sextile to Mars, while Saturn is trine to the Sun (BDW: 17 April). On Wednesday the Moon is sextile to Venus and trine to Mars, still echoing the harmonious sextile between Venus and Mars. But come Friday, Mars changes sign to Gemini, Venus comes to senses and squares Saturn once again (GMT: 11:09). The Venus-Mars rendezvous is over.

Week 23 April – 
Mercury (trine Saturn; conjunct Uranus)

Retro Mercury gets into full action this week. On Monday, the Moon is sextile to Mars and Mercury trine to Saturn. On Tuesday, the Moon catches up and conjoins Mercury and then trine to Saturn. Soothing effects of a Taurus new moon are still felt on Thursday, when the Moon is trine to Pluto (BDW: 27 April). On Friday, Venus enters Aries (as direct) and the tone changes as Mercury conjunct Uranus. Mercury is still retro, however, and the Moon’s sextile to both Mercury and Uranus on Saturday suggests that the encounter is tamed and not as dramatic as it could be.

∗ ∗ ∗

Your Sun sign horoscope for April

The square between Saturn and Venus is a crossway between ‘young’ emotions (Venus) and ‘old’ wisdom (Saturn). It’s an odd couple, for sure. What can this square bring you, not once but twice?

Aries: Not everything is clear cut and easy to grasp. What is in the shadow remains there as a mystery until you shed light on it. And light is not just about volume, but angles and directions. Be creative with your lighting operations.

Taurus: How easier it would be, if the world was only about beauty and merry making. It actually brings you obligations along with growing old and wiser. The primary lesson is finding balance in every sector of your life, especially this month.

Gemini: Whether you see a container first before its content, your role as mediator is what everyone expects from you. So how do you mediate the inside with outside? Do you prioritise coherency or a surprise factor? Take liberty in your role.

Cancer: In your world, faith may not have a priority. How about faith in new things, new ways of trying things out, new places to go to and new people to meet with? For all things new, spring is a great time to start, also in your world.

Leo: When you feel discouraged, you can take a step back and ask yourself what kind of adversity you are facing. Do you fear more what you don’t see or what you see? Put your imagination to good use and see your fear transform itself into courage.

Virgo: Is your current dilemma well defined? Or is it a vague feeling of frustration? You have methodologies as well as words though. You just need to be more inventive than usual, so that your expression remains true to your heart.

Libra: You can easily see both sides of the coin now, it doesn’t matter which side you are seeing first. Integration is an easy feast, as long as you don’t dwell on too rigid orders or groundless worries. Lead us instead with your examples.

Scorpio: You don’t want to dilute what you conceive as striking beauty or remarkable appearance. You are not content with any superficial reaction. You, out of all signs, can fearlessly go deep. It’s in your way of conveying that you can be skilful.

Sagittarius: You have the power to change things where you don’t feel being truly represented. You can allow yourself different realities and show others true you. They are intimately connected within you: rediscover yourself so that people can rediscover you.

Capricorn: When you are not just efficient, but elegantly efficient, you are the eye-catcher. You show both sides comfortably, when you have no conflicts or doubts within. Persist in staying in the zone a little longer. Efficiency and elegance are compatible.

Aquarius: Limits do good as well as harm, depending on what you limit. Do you tend to regret more what you have limited or what you haven’t? The answer lies in knowing your needs and desires. Well enough so that you don’t regret next time.

Pisces: You’d rather have a blank canvas than a colouring book. You don’t normally want anything laid out, since rules are meant to be broken, anyway. But if you know shapes and forms first, your breaking them through comes easier.

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