May 2017 – innovation, structure and cultivation

What brings us ‘in focus’ this month? Mercury goes direct on the 3rd and the messenger planet is a good leading ‘character’ this month.

As direct, Mercury repeats the aspects it made during its retro. It will be conjunct Uranus (10 May), trine to Saturn (11 May) and enter the sign of Taurus (16 May), all for the second time. Let’s see these occasions individually:

  • Mercury conjunct Uranus (25 Aries)
    Uranus pertains to innovation, technology, transcending and radical thinking. Mercury is mind, information and communication. A sudden moment of extraordinary insight. Or Stimulating discussions for a different future.
  • Mercury trine Saturn (26 Aries/Sagittarius)
    On the following day, we are already sober and asked to incorporate Saturnian lessons. Structures, methodologies, tools and tradition. Walk your talk with patience as Saturn is also time.
  • Mercury in Taurus (16 May – 6 June)
    In a fixed, earthy sign of Taurus, Mercury gives us stimulus to keep on cultivating what we want to see grow. The agility of Mercury is invested in calling natural things with poetical names.

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Full moon on the 10th occurs in the sign of Scorpio (GMT: 21:42). It is the only sign of ‘fall’ for the Moon, as opposed to ‘exaltation’. The opposition between earth (the Sun in Taurus) and water (the Moon in Scorpio) is more sombre than euphoric. Prepare to ‘dig’ deep or deeper.

New moon on the 25th occurs in the sign of Gemini (GMT: 19:44). Less than a couple of hours prior, Venus squares Pluto. Throughout the week the pair converses with the Moon, hence with us. See the relevant week below.

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Week 30 April – 6 May
Mercury (direct) 

The Moon in its own sign of Cancer squares Mercury on Monday. These are the last days of patience with retro Mercury. It goes direct on Wednesday, followed by a fiery and energetic trine between the Moon and Mercury. On Thursday the Moon makes trine to Uranus and then to Saturn, pointing Mercury the way forward.

Week 7-13 May 
Mercury (conjunct Uranus; trine Saturn)
Mars (trine Jupiter)

On Sunday the Moon makes trine to Mars and then conjunct Jupiter. These aspects are harbingers of what happens between Mars/Jupiter later this week. On Monday, the Moon opposes Mercury, and then opposes Uranus and makes sextile to Saturn, pressing Mercury to really engage with these two. On Wednesday, prior to Scorpio full moon, Mercury conjoins Uranus. On Thursday, Mercury makes trine to Saturn. These aspects via Mercury towards distant planets one after another are clear-cut: no softening or diluting involved. On Friday, picking up the thread from the beginning of the week, Mars makes trine to Jupiter. The effect may not be so ‘loud and cheerful’ as both are in each other’s ‘detriment’ (Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Libra).

Week 14-20 May
Saturn (trine Uranus)

On Monday, the Moon is square to Venus, and then to Jupiter, signalling what to come for these two benefics this week. On Tuesday, Mercury enters Taurus, for the second time. On Wednesday, the Moon makes sextile to Venus first and then trine to Jupiter. On Thursday, the Moon is sextile to Uranus and to Saturn almost simultaneously (right and left). Saturn and Uranus follow up on the harmonious atmosphere on Friday making trine to each other, while Venus and Jupiter oppose each other. The Sun enters airy Gemini on Saturday.

Week 21-27 May 
Venus (square Pluto)

On Monday, the Moon conjoins Venus and then makes square to Pluto, setting the tone for the week. On Wednesday the Moon in Taurus makes trine to Pluto. On Thursday, prior to Gemini new moon, Venus makes square to Pluto. On the following day, the Moon is sextile to Venus. Saturday has a different tone with the Moon conjunct Mars, opposite Saturn and sextile Uranus, suggesting a busy week ahead with the trio.

Week 28 May – 3 June
Mars (opp. Saturn; sextile Uranus)
Venus (trine Saturn)
Sun (trine Jupiter)

On Monday Mars opposes Saturn. The opposition between two malefics has a heavy undertone. Just minutes later, the Moon is square to Uranus, which only adds drama. On Tuesday, the Moon is sextile to the Sun, and then to Jupiter. We can expect something ‘lighter’ from the Sun/Jupiter later on. On Wednesday, Mars is sextile to Uranus, trying a different approach. The Moon is also sextile to Venus and Saturn, sending the pair to make trine to one another on the following day. On Friday the Moon is square to Saturn, and to Mars. It is still difficult with them. On Saturday, the Sun makes trine to Jupiter, the first major aspect that the Sun makes to one of our 5 traditional planets in more than 6 weeks! 

Best days of the month: 4, 17, 18, 31 May and 3 June

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Your Sun sign horoscope for May 2017

Aries: Where words fail, your actions speak loud. There are enough occasions for you to express yourself this month, but it’s more a team work than a solo endeavour.

Taurus: The sun in your sign is the most special time of the year. Let your essence shine through, just by being you. It is most magical when things flow naturally. Take advantage!

Gemini: Motivations do not lack in your life this month. You’ll also get a spotlight soon so keep up with your action plans before you get asked to run a full marathon.

Cancer: It gets easier for you as the season shifts towards summer. A gentle support is available through warmer air we all breathe. Be encouraged to do what you wish to do, as excuses are most un-seasonal now.

Leo: Converse more and make sure that you get your ideas and opinions across. For the time being, it is better that way, as things may not be as loud and clear as you want them to be.

Virgo: Chemistry. Affinity. Serendipity. They are all coming back your way. You can just relax and test the water at your pace. According to your own style, which is even more attractive.

Libra: Even when things are hidden, they are just being in the background. The sun under the horizon is in another place over the horizon. That is the beauty of continuation. Appreciate both sides of the same coin.

Scorpio: Perspective is a funny thing. Take a few steps back, you see a whole different picture. A challenge you are facing may not go away, but a distance helps you ‘measure’ it more correctly.

Sagittarius: You hear your inner creative calls more frequently. Don’t get frustrated though, if you cannot act on them immediately. Be deliberate, while the muse of creativity keeps on smiling at you.

Capricorn: What can you do more in order to do more what you love, or love more what you do? It’s a practical question. Stretch out those corners or get out of the box, in your thoughts and actions.

Aquarius: A hard edge of a rock gets rounded after being exposed to natural wear and tear. That’s an analogy for a development over time in your favour. You can wait for a smoother time which demands less effort.

Pisces: Short journeys are just as important as longer ones. You know how to appreciate small talk and little things in your life. Which amplifies when you share them with those around you.

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