June 2017 – Jupiter direct, solstice, Cancer new moon

The month of June starts with a busy week. Mars changes sign to Cancer (4 June). Venus and Mercury move into their respective planetary ruler signs of Taurus and Gemini (6 June). A full moon in Sagittarius (9 June) is followed by Sagittarius’ ruler planet Jupiter going direct.

In the weeks following, the intensity subsides only a little, as Mercury and Saturn come into play: Sun-Saturn opposition (15 June), Mercury-Saturn opposition (18 June) and Sun-Mercury conjunction under the solstice (21 June). Cancer new moon (24 June) stirs the trio Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, plus Neptune and Pluto. The month ends on a crescendo.

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Full moon occurs on the 9th in Sagittarius (GMT: 13:10). The Moon in Sagittarius, between its sign of Fall (Scorpio) and Detriment (Capricorn) is naturally uplifting. The full moon is preceded by Moon-Jupiter sextile and followed by Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) going direct (GMT: 14:02). As a cherry on the cake, we also have Venus-Mars sextile the same day. It’s a full course dinner on a silver plate, with a serenade being played in the background!

New moon occurs on the 24th in Cancer (GMT: 2:31). The Moon feels most at home in its own sign of rulership. This time, the Moon after being new conjoins Mercury and then Mars. The Moon goes on to make square to Jupiter, Cancer’s ‘exaltation’ planet, as well as trine to Neptune, before opposing Pluto. Not a resting Moon at all!

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Week 4-10 June
Jupiter direct
Venus sextile Mars

When planets change signs, a shift in the air is noticeable. Mars moves from Mercury ruled Gemini into Moon ruled Cancer on Sunday. Actions re-orient themselves from verbal (Mercury) to emotional (Moon). Mercury and Venus come home on Tuesday, when both move into their own signs of rulership, Taurus and Gemini respectively. Write your love letters or read poetry. Twin Mercury’s proper introduction occurs when the Moon opposes it on Thursday, while Taurean Venus goes on stage when the Moon makes trine to it on Saturday.
Jupiter is the other focus of the week. On Sunday, the Moon conjoins Jupiter. On Friday, prior to being full, the Moon makes sextile to Jupiter. Jupiter goes direct immediately after, so on Saturday they are conjunct yet again. Jupiter will be in Libra until 10 October when it moves into Scorpio.


Week 11-17 June
Mercury (trine Jupiter; square Neptune)
Sun opp. Saturn

Mercury and Jupiter share the same element/air, and Jupiter now being direct, it is a harmonious trine between the two on Tuesday. The Moon in another air sign Aquarius makes trine to both on Wednesday, expanding on the cordiality. The Sun and Saturn have another kind of story, though. The Moon’s engagement with both on Wednesday, i.e. trine to the Sun and sextile to Saturn does not linger. On Thursday the Sun and Saturn oppose each other. The Moon squares both on Saturday.
Another line of story this week regards Mercury and Neptune. They square each other on Wednesday. Be wary of confusing or deceptive (Neptune) usage of words (Mercury). Neptune goes retro on Friday. Mercury will approach Neptune again later this month (see below Week 25 June-).


Week 18-24 June
Mercury (opp. Saturn; sextile Uranus; conjunct Sun)
Venus conjunct Moon

Mercury and Saturn oppose each other on Sunday. The Moon dilutes the tension the following day by making trine to Saturn and sextile to Mercury. Venus (quiet since Venus-Mars sextile under full moon) relates with Neptune by sextile on Tuesday. During the night the Moon and Venus conjoin in Taurus, offering a moment of beauty and reassurance.
Meanwhile, Mercury and Uranus are sextile on Tuesday, before Mercury’s departure from Gemini. On Wednesday, the Sun moves into Cancer, Mercury follows suit and it reaches the Sun right in the heart. This image of Mercury-Sun conjunction in the centre of the Sun (called Cazimi) is very powerful. What special message does Mercury impart passing there?
In the afterglow, the Moon is new in Cancer on Saturday and then engages with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto – a preview of an intense week ahead.


Week 25 June – 1 July
Mars (square Jupiter; trine Neptune)
Mercury (square Jupiter; trine Neptune; conjunct Mars; opp. Pluto)

Sunday through Wednesday, each of Mars and Mercury makes square to Jupiter and trine to Neptune, before they are conjunct on Wednesday. Mercury energised by Mars through conjunction can have an ‘reckless’ effect.
Pluto is the other protagonist. The Moon opposes Pluto on Sunday, in the background of Mars-Jupiter square. Mercury, still ‘hot’ from being conjunct Mars on Wednesday, opposes Pluto on Friday. The Moon the following day makes square to Mars as well as to Pluto. The month doesn’t end in a light tone. A ‘hotter’ season is around the corner.

Best days of the month: 3, 6, 14, 20, 21 June

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Your Sun sign horoscope for June 2017

Aries: Time for reflections and inward journeys, which doesn’t have to be boring. Make room for a prism. It’s a zigzag not a straight line that shows you more. Your future orientation starts right there.

Taurus: Beauty abounds with your ruler Venus being in your sign this month. Without feeling the need for approval, you are naturally tuned into Venusian beauty enhancement tips. Be unique and bold in exploring your own beauty.

Gemini: More than any other signs, you know well about right/left brain functions. Using both is normal for you, especially when your ruler planet graces your sign this month. Keep us entertained and enlightened at the same time.

Cancer: Your activities are already on the increase, now also your personal relations with a special press agent! Make the occasion celebrate-worthy. Lyrics are written first before being sung. What is your choice of instrument?

Leo: It’s getting closer to your solar return and Jupiter now direct also adds necessary fuel to your plans. Start with the most important, and possibly small. They will grow quickly, anyway!

Virgo: Abundant stimulus towards expressions of love? Your literary genius is well known. You may want to explore more earthly dimension like landscaping. Express your heart, through anything!

Libra: Venus at ease and Jupiter now direct in your sign – you are doubly blessed! Be encouraged to pursue on your dreams or what got interrupted earlier this year. Filter out what is important for yourself first.

Scorpio: Opposites attract, and you know it naturally. Venusian allure from the other end of the spectrum gives you ideas not limited to beauty. Creative make-over?

Sagittarius: Once again you can get up and going, relying on your intuition and faithful attitude. Your signature moves know no inhibition. Which are now starting to come back in full swing.

Capricorn: Love is in the air? Though you won’t be the first to admit it or talk about it, it’s a shame if you hide it or shy away from it. Your strategy: analyse less, enjoy more!

Aquarius: Words become more effective through you, especially this month. Like you have a secret filter to say more with less. You have enough spice. Just time it right with a flavour of fun.

Pisces: Through your artistic expression of beauty, you expand your horizon. Beauty is your anchor as well as your sail. Art is your home. Follow the wind of inspiration with confidence.