July 2017 – Plutonian full moon to Martian new moon

The month begins with Mars in opposition to Pluto (2 June). Venus and Mercury change signs, to Gemini and Leo respectively (5/6 June). A full Moon in the mid degrees of Capricorn (9 June) is attended by Pluto. Mid month Uranus also gets in the mix, squaring Mars and the Sun in the same week (18/21 June). Around the same time, both Mars and the Sun enter the sign of Leo (20/22 June). New Moon in Leo (23 June) is followed by its conjunction to Mars and the Sun conjoins Mars (27 June). From Pluto to Mars… hotness is on!

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Full moon occurs on the 9th in the sign of Capricorn (GMT: 4:07), followed by the Moon-Pluto conjunction. Pluto’s involvement is never ‘superficial’. Plutonian lessons can take time to ‘unfold’ – ‘quick and dirty’ is not known to Pluto. Ponder on how much more Pluto can (and will) unravel in the realm of institutions and governments (Capricorn). It is only just in the second half of the sign of Capricorn (until 2024).

New moon occurs on the 23rd in the sign of Leo (GMT: 9:46). The Moon enters Leo only an hour prior to being new, and within a couple of hours conjoins Mars – it is all so ‘hot and dry’. The Sun more than the Moon commands this new moon and it can send us ‘heatwaves’ literally as well as figuratively.

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Week 2-8 July
Mars (opp. Pluto)
Mercury (square Uranus; sextile Venus)
Sun (trine Neptune; square Jupiter)

Mars opposes Pluto on Sunday and the Moon was squaring both the day before. Via opposition, Mars intercepts Plutonian message for us: how does ‘act’ (Mars) get along with ‘reform’ (Pluto)?
Mercury squares Uranus on Wednesday as its last aspect before entering Leo on Thursday. While Venus enters Gemini on Wednesday (to be accommodated by Mercury=ruler of Gemini) and Mercury and Venus make sextile to each other on Friday. Venus can use Mercurial help: love communicates easily.
The Sun’s aspects on Thursday – trine to Neptune and square to Jupiter – are echoed by the Moon aspecting both on Saturday.


Week 9-15 July
Sun (conjunct Pluto)
Mercury (sextile Jupiter)

Following the Plutonian full moon on Sunday (see above), the Sun opposes Pluto on Monday. We have a well deserved break afterwards, as there are no hard aspects on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday Mercury makes sextile to Jupiter. They exchange some good ideas confidently in the night (in each other’s triplicity rulership).


Week 16-22 July
Venus (square Neptune; trine Jupiter)
Mars (square Uranus)
Mercury (trine Saturn)
Sun (square Uranus)

On Monday Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces which is Venus’ exaltation. What favour can Neptune ask Venus? Cover me while I indulge? Venus makes trine to Jupiter on Tuesday, which will produce a more straight-forward answer between these two benefics. Venus listens, as a host of Jupiter and it’s a breezy (hot and wet) conversation.
And then there is Uranus: squared by Mars on Tuesday and by the Sun on Friday. Uranus in Aries has ‘preferential’ access to both ruler (Mars) and exaltation (Sun). Which in the case of ‘unpredictable’ Uranian energy, when it gets listened to, it can run havoc, especially in nature (beware of tectonic plates).
Mercury’s trine to Saturn on Wednesday is cordial but sustained by fire.


Week 23-29 July 
Venus (opp. Saturn)
Mercury (trine Uranus)
Sun (conjunct Mars)

Following Martian new moon (see above), it is still busy on Monday. First, Venus opposes Saturn. Then, Mercury makes trine to Uranus. Which is the last aspect Mercury makes before entering its own ruler/exaltation Virgo on Wednesday. The Martian climax comes on Thursday, when the Sun conjoins Mars in Leo. The last Sun-Mars conjunction occurred on 14 June 2015. There will be no shortage of heat with these two together. But there’s more to this climax, as the highly anticipated solar eclipse on 21 August will also involve Mars (more on this next month).
The Moon ‘dissolves’ (for now) Sun-Mars conjunction by making sextile to both on Friday.

Best days of the month: 7, 14, 15, 19, 28 July 


*Your Sun sign horoscope is gone on holiday… will be back next month with tips to navigate Eclipse-filled August.