August 2017 – Aquarius/Leo Eclipses, Mercury retro, Saturn direct

The eclipse lunation marks the month of August. Venus changes sign to Cancer (31 July) and later to Leo (26 Aug). Full moon in Aquarius (7 Aug) opens the ecliptic portal. Mercury goes retro in its own sign of Virgo (13 Aug). New moon eclipse in Leo (21 Aug) has Mars closely involved as well as Uranus. Saturn goes direct in the same week (25 Aug).

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Full moon/eclipse occurs on the 7th (GMT: 18:11) in Aquarius 15 degrees. The moon’s last aspect prior to being full is its opposition to Mars and next aspect is trine to Jupiter. While Aquarius (Moon) and Leo (Sun) share ‘hot’ element, they differ in humidity: wet air versus dry fire, appropriate for the height of the season we are having.

New moon/eclipse occurs on the 21st (GMT: 18:30) in Leo 28 degrees. Solar eclipse is always more dramatic than lunar one, as it involves a bodily conjunction of 2 luminaries i.e. the Moon and the Sun. The Moon’s path prior to being new: conjunct Mars, trine Saturn and trine Uranus. None of these is considered ‘mild’ or ‘benevolent’. What the eclipse triggers in the coming months – especially in the US where it is visible across the coasts – pertains to war (Mars), government (Saturn) and outbursts/earthquakes (Uranus). Choose safer options whenever and wherever possible.

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Week 30 July – 5 August
Venus (sextile Uranus; enters Cancer)
Uranus stations retro

Jupiter square Pluto

Uranian energy is firmly in the air. A sextile between Venus and Uranus on Sunday may not be so dramatic, but Uranus is practically standing still, as it gets ready to turn retro on Thursday (GMT: 05:28). Beware of sudden disruptive energy. Jupiter makes square to Pluto on Friday and the Moon is already in Capricorn, which then conjoins Pluto and makes square to Jupiter the following day. The air is far from being calm.


Week 6 – 12 August
Mercury sextile Venus
Sun sextile Jupiter
Venus trine Neptune

Toning down from the full Moon eclipse, Mercury makes sextile to Venus on Thursday. Both are comfortably placed right now; water and earth speak intimately in the occasion. The Sun/Jupiter sextile on the same day is also optimistic – breathe freely while you can! Venus makes trine to Neptune on Saturday: best time to compose music if your are so inclined.


Weeks 13 – 19 August
Mercury stations retro
Sun trine Saturn
Venus (opp. Pluto; square Jupiter)

Mercury goes retro on Sunday in its sign of rulership and exaltation i.e. Virgo (GMT: 01:00) and it won’t go unnoticed for sure! Get ready for ‘typical’ (or possibly ‘spectacular’) retro phenomena (until 5 September). The Sun makes trine to Saturn the same day: use it to fuel what you want to sustain over time. It’s the last fire trine before Saturn moves to Capricorn in December this year. Venus and Jupiter on Thursday can grant each other a favour (as Venus is in Jupiter’s exaltation and Jupiter in Venus’ rulership), though actions/words are rather forced.


Week 20 – 26 August
Mars (sextile Jupiter; conjunct eclipse Moon; trine Saturn)
Sun (trine Uranus; enters Virgo; conjunct Mercury)
Venus (square Uranus; enters Leo)
Saturn stations direct 

Mars/Jupiter sextile on Sunday is just a tease, compared to what follows. On Monday, prior to the Moon being new and eclipsed, both the Sun and the Moon make trine to Uranus, adding drama to the already dramatic. Mars makes trine to Saturn on Tuesday to ease some tension and the Sun moves into Virgo. Venus makes square to Uranus on Thursday, reminding us that the drama is not yet over. Saturn stations direct on Friday: from here on it will traverse the last 9 degrees of Sagittarius until 20 December when it moves into Capricorn. On Saturday, Venus enters Leo and the Sun conjoins Mercury which is still retro.


Week 27 August – 2 September
Jupiter sextile Saturn
Mars trine Uranus

On Sunday, Jupiter makes sextile to Saturn, which heralds a less dramatic week after the intense Eclipse. In fact, the week goes rather quiet, except for the fact that Mercury is still retrograde. Mars makes trine to Uranus on Saturday: Mars gets granted extra/radical fuel – use it wisely.

Best days of the month: 8, 10, 18, 27 and 31 August

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Your sun sign horoscope for August 2017

Aries: Your ruler Mars is one of the main protagonists of the eclipses. You feel the urge to act but it’s not just whatever comes your way. Your wisdom is also activated and you make wise and deliberate choices.

Taurus: Lunation in the sign of Leo is like what happens in your back yard. It rustles what you haven’t attempted, especially if it’s an eclipse! Resistance is futile and you know you can have faith and jump in.

Gemini: Your ruler Mercury goes retro mid month and you are uncharacteristically careful. That’s not a bad thing, every now and then. The eclipses can provide you with plenty of action plans to evaluate carefully.

Cancer: Venus in your sign supplies beautiful expansion. You can rely on her In the waves of eclipses this month. Everything that Venus represents for you is felt and lived personally. You are ready to further your horizons.

Leo: With the Sun and Mars in your sign, there’s no slowing down for you this month. The ecliptic message echoes strong in your one-on-one relationship realm. Who or what is the Other right now? Developments on the way.

Virgo: In the midst of eclipses, your ruler Mercury goes retro on the home from of your sign. Don’t get too frustrated. Just do you best to keep things under control, if that’s your focus. Or do your re-evaluation and re-view.

Libra: Everything is important in the end. Selective actions are not so effective under these eclipses anyway, so you might as well want them all. Remember also that Jupiter is still in your sign until 10 October. No regrets, afterwards.

Scorpio: Full Moon easier to navigate than new Moon? Especially this month, as the solar eclipse acts as your opposing force. Your ruler Mars’ involvement can also dramatise things. Step by step, no matter how small the progression.

Sagittarius: Saturn moves once again forward in your sign in the ‘afterglow’ of the solar eclipse. Until it’s out of your sign in December! Saturnian lessons are precious assets of your life. Reap them now to use them later.

Capricorn: You feel strangely energised by these eclipses, as you tap into Mars in the mix. Don’t hide in the background, but let yourself be seen. Get involved where you’re most needed: amongst people.

Aquarius: The ecliptic portal gets opened in your sign under full Moon, and it’s hard to resist emotional tides all around you. Ride the waves courageously and you’ll discover something important along the way.

Pisces: Dark thoughts may not be your preference, but the eclipses are also that: a glimpse into what’s usually prohibited or forgotten. Via the force of imagination you see a different world beyond the ordinary.

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