September 2017 – Retracing and regrounding

Mercury ends its retro on the 5th, at the same degrees (28° Leo) that the Sun was eclipsed by the Moon in August. Both Mars and Mercury now progress in the sign of Virgo, where Venus joins on the 20th. Pluto stations direct end month, on the day when Jupiter and Uranus perfect their opposition (27° Libra/Aries) for the last time.

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Full moon occurs in 13° Pisces on the 6th (GMT: 7:03). Two hours prior, the Moon conjoins Neptune, and after being full, it makes sextile to Pluto and square to Saturn. Immensity of ocean can be delusional (Neptune) when you start seeing marked boundaries (Saturn) on the horizon, and you don’t really need Plutonian help in understanding where you stand.

New moon occurs in 27° Virgo on the 20th (GMT: 5:30). Venus enters Virgo in the early morning. 5 months ago, the opposite degrees of this new moon (27°Pisces) were occupied by Venus when she stationed direct. This can be a mirror image of the Venusian message to be picked up once again and reflected upon.

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3-9 Sept.
Mercury (conjunct Mars; stations direct)
Mars enters Virgo
Sun (opposite Neptune; trine Pluto)

When celestial phenomena happen at certain degrees over and over again, well, it won’t go unnoticed. Mercury (still retro) conjoins Mars on Sunday at the solar eclipse degrees of August, reminding us once again how Martian that energy was (and still is). Then on Tuesday, within the same degree of 28 Leo, Mercury stations direct (GMT: 11:29). Tuesday is a busy day: the Sun opposes Neptune, Mars leaves Leo and its ruler/Sun and enters Virgo under Mercury’s reign. Full moon on Wednesday can disorient you between Neptunian idealism and Saturnian realities -stay grounded.


10-16 Sept.
Venus (trine Saturn; sextile Jupiter)
Sun square Saturn
Mercury conjunct Mars

Every major aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) that planets make with Saturn in the next few months is the last one with Saturn in Sagittarius, before it changes sign in December. There are two such ones this week: Venus makes ‘fiery’ trine to Saturn on Wednesday, while the Sun makes harsh square to Saturn on Thursday. Mercury (now direct) conjoins Mars again in Virgo on Saturday, getting charged with action – less volatile than the previous.


17-23 Sept.
Venus (trine Uranus; enters Virgo)
Mercury (opposite Neptune; trine Pluto)
Sun enters Libra

Mercury gets to repeat the Sun’s aspects two weeks prior: opposite Neptune on Wednesday and trine Pluto on Friday. Mercury is a merchant, scribe, messenger, informant – clarity of mind is what it stands for. Which makes it crash with Neptunian ‘non-entity’, as Mercury detests anything ‘beyond’. New moon on Wednesday involves Venus which has just joined the Virgo stellium. The Sun moves on first, however, entering Libra on Friday (Equinox).


24-30 Sept.
Mars opposite Neptune
Mercury (square Saturn; enters Libra)
Jupiter opposite Uranus
Pluto stations direct
Venus opposite Neptune

Mars’ ‘clear-cut’ opposition to Neptune and Mercury’s ‘in-different’ square to Saturn are undertones of this heavy week. Which culminates on Thursday when Jupiter opposes Uranus and Pluto stations direct on the same day. Sudden, unexpected events are likely under these aspects – choose safer options whenever and wherever possible. The month ends with Venus opposite Neptune, while Mercury enters Libra, leaving its home behind.

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Best days of the month:
Monday 4 Sept. (Moon sextile Saturn; trine Jupiter) for a positive outlook
Sunday 17 Sept. (Moon trine Saturn; sextile Jupiter conjunct fixed star Spica) for good luck and auspicious planning
Saturday 23 Sept. (Moon sextile Venus; sextile Mars; trine Neptune) for a smooth cruising in your relationship realm

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Your Sun sign horoscope for September

Aries: Pause and reflect: too much of anything lately? Off-loading is not only ideal but necessary. Simmering goes further than burning.

Taurus: New moon on the 20th can mark a turning point for you. Things start making sense once again. Simpler and clearer visions are possible so plan accordingly.

Gemini: It’s not easy to resist Martian allure this month, not just once but twice. No need to get aggressive with your words though. Instead, walk the talk effectively.

Cancer: You get energised through Jupiter’s blessings this month. Don’t blow it though with over-confidence. Stay on course with what’s most precious in your life.

Leo: Don’t get annoyed by Saturnian lessons. They are for everyone, not just you. Some of time consuming things are not so bad. Like creating beautiful memory.

Virgo: Your proverbial writing abilities are back on, but you know it very well that you don’t feed your mind only. Don’t forget affairs of your heart.

Libra: You can be a bridge when beauty needs a workable structure to let it shine. Integration comes easy, as you see both sides of ideal and real clearly.

Scorpio: Your intuitive power is the best filter. When so much is happening, yet deep down you know what is worth considering and pursuing further.

Sagittarius: You don’t control what you can’t control. Proving otherwise is a waste of time. Be wise and walk away from the impossible. You’ll be much happier.

Capricorn: Just a right dose of encouragement is accessible for you this month. You can act on your plans. Which don’t seem so impossible any more.

Aquarius: What August eclipses triggered in you will last for a while. Take time and rewind slowly. Things will work out but get engaged with what needs your gentle pushing.

Pisces: Your Venusian side is highlighted through both full and new moon this month. Don’t let go of your compass. Venus lifts you up and shows you a way forward.


Have a great month!

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