Jupiter into Scorpio

On the 10th of October, Jupiter changes sign and enters Scorpio. Jupiter has been in Libra since 9 September last year. Its orb is 12 years more or less, so our reference to this particular planet/sign combination is 12 years ago, i.e. 2005/6. The change of sign will affect us all collectively as well as personally – let’s see how.

Ruler planet
Venus/inferior benefic (ruler of Libra) to Mars/inferior malefic (ruler of Scorpio). Mars is the only planet that does not ‘love’ Jupiter. So the host (Mars) will be slightly ‘irritated’ by having the guest (Jupiter) hanging in his own bath room (Scorpio), so to speak.

Libra/air sign to Scorpio/water sign. The nature of Jupiter is to confirm, expand and possibly exaggerate by doing so. Jupiter in Scorpio will form a trine aspect to Neptune (pertains to flooding) which is in Pisces. Trine is the most harmonious aspect of all, but the interaction between Jupiter and Neptune, both in water signs, can manifest in water problems (flooding, irrigation, dam management, etc.).

Libra/cardinal sign to Scorpio/fixed sign. Cardinals are good at initiating, for fast actions and decisions, while fixed are here to stay. The intrinsic qualities of the planet Jupiter are hot and wet. While Scorpio as water sign is cold and wet. Twice wet can be tricky, as I mentioned above, and it’s going to stick around.

Where in your natal chart
For example, in my natal chart, Scorpio is 4th house: your home, foundations, ancestors. I would like to renovate my home while Jupiter is there. I also expect a few things to truly come to an end: 4th is the very bottom of the wheel and signifies the “end of the matter” (and Jupiter will confirm it). It being an angular (as 1/4/7/10th) house, Jupiter’s influence there will be felt strongly.

Jupiter in Scorpio will also make sextile to my natal Mars (encouraging) and trine to my natal Saturn (more encouraging), but oppose my natal Sun (not so encouraging).

So check: 1) which house Jupiter will occupy in your chart and 2) what aspect from there Jupiter will make to the rest of your chart.  Also, if you are having your profection year ruled by Jupiter (like I am), Jupiter is your primal focus already.

Jupiter is our superior benefic and we all love Jupiter… unless you are from Mars, perhaps.

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