October 2017 – transforming

Jupiter leaves Libra behind and enters Scorpio on the 10th (read more here). A collective shift is noticeable, as Venus on  the 14th and Mercury on the 17th also change signs, moving to Libra and to Scorpio respectively. Pluto, Saturn and Uranus are fully engaged this month – the month does not lack in excitement.

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Full moon on the 5th is in Aries (GMT: 18:40). On the same day, only a few hours prior, Venus and Mars conjoin in Virgo. Yet Mars/Venus as planetary rulers of Aries/Libra are behind this full moon or opposition of the Moon and the Sun. The encounter feels prohibited, not official, secret. Both Venus and Mars make square later to Saturn, to be checked for endurance.

New moon on the 19th in Libra (GMT: 19:12) has a totally different tone. It is heavily charged with Uranian force. The Sun and the Moon each oppose Uranus prior to being conjunct.  As we start seeing Uranus’ departure from Aries on the far horizon (mid May next year), Uranus occupying the last degrees of Aries is all the more thunderous and unpredictable.

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Week 1-7 October – Pluto the transformer

Mars makes trine to Pluto on Monday, so does Venus to Pluto on Tuesday. Venus/Mars conjunction on Thursday takes place under the opposition of the luminaries, unchecked (not aspected) by either of them. Is the clandestine love worth pursuing? It won’t be outspoken, as Mercury also opposes the Moon. The key is perhaps with what Pluto showed to Venus and Mars earlier this week. “Transform” – Pluto is keen on re-forming, challenging the status quo. Also in love.

Week 8-14 October – Saturn calling 

After Pluto’s constructive (via trine) challenge to love and relationship, Saturnian lessons are back this week. Venus makes square to Saturn on Sunday, while Mars does the same on Wednesday. It is a forceful (via square) intervention, but anything that Saturn does takes time. Real transformation goes a long way.

Meanwhile, Mercury and the Sun, after being conjunct in Libra on Sunday, each makes square to Pluto on Monday/Tuesday. While the Jovian ingress to Scorpio takes place on Tuesday, Saturn remains the connecting thread this week. On Friday, Mercury makes sextile to Saturn, encouraging our expressions to be balanced and enduring. Venus goes home in Libra on Saturday, where Saturn is exalted.

Week 15-21 October – Uranus who? 

The week is very Mercurial… if it wasn’t for Uranus! Mercury opposes Uranus first on Sunday, before the luminaries do the same on Thursday in the occasion of a Libra new moon. It is hard to ignore Uranus, especially in the locked-in opposition. Mercury moves on, however, to Scorpio on Tuesday and joins Jupiter on Wednesday, giving us a  preview of what it’s like to have Jupiter in Scorpio for the next 12 months.

Week 22-28 October – It’s Pluto again! 

Mars enters Libra on Sunday, but it feels rather out of place (Mars is detriment in Libra). The Sun changes sign to Scorpio on Monday and joins Jupiter on Thursday, day of Jupiter. Morals are high, as the Sun has just got out of its sign of fall. 

Meanwhile, Mercury’s trine to Neptune on Tuesday can go smooth and undetected. What occurs on Saturday, however, is more peculiar: Venus and Mercury aspect simultaneously Pluto, via square (Venus) and sextile (Mercury). The message is the same: transform and keep transforming. In love, communication, and what else.

∗ I am launching electional consultations soon, so this is the last time I indicate general auspicious days of the month:
7, 14 and 21 October (coincidentally all Saturn-days!).

∗ ∗ ∗

Aries: Martian mirror – follow the lead. Use your instinct and you won’t go astray. Experience tells you how.

Taurus: Active Venus – engaged and elegant. Important messages are given to you. Communicate more.

Gemini: Breezy Mercury – a beauty adoring messenger. Ghost-write a love letter or public speech? Share your talent.

Cancer: Watery Jupiter – more friendly to your deep running emotions. Keep looking up and avoid being bogged down.

Leo: Uranian transcendence – untamed and unpredictable, it’s also highly charging. Just a little caution and go slow.

Virgo: Martian vitality – made good use of its gun-ho energy lately? Or ready to slow down a bit. Rest and re-set.

Libra: Welcome home, Venus – get extra cosy. Letting go of happy-go-lucky Jupiter can be a good thing. Relax more.

Scorpio: Say yes with Jupiter – your dream plans are ready for execution. Make them spectacular with your charm.

Sagittarius: Still Saturn – you won’t miss it when it’s gone in December. For now, it gives you enduring lessons of life.

Capricorn: Cardinal Mars – you know your territory. More strategic and attuned to your needs. Take advantage.

Aquarius: Dexterous Mercury – fully present in the hands and minds of you lot. Keep streaming and invite audience.

Pisces: Jovial blessings – coming your way, supporting your new endeavour and further expansion. Use them wisely.

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