November 2017 – Before the dawn

How appropriate that the dawn arrives this year at the very end. Which is Saturn changing sign after 3 years’ permanence in Sagittarius (and the Sun conjoining Saturn the following day). It is a major change and I’ll talk more about it in my last monthly of the year. For now, November offers us a solid and ordinary path to walk on, before we greet the Saturnian take-over in December.

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Week 29 October – 4 November
Venus makes sextile to Saturn on Friday, from her own sign and Saturn’s exaltation. Granted, something productive can come out of the sextile. While the watery trine (Scorpio-Pisces) between the Sun and Neptune is more vague in terms of productivity.

Just prior to Full moon on Saturday, Venus opposes Uranus and it is reminiscent of Jupiter-Uranus opposition we had for a while, last of which took place end September. Any left over from that opposition can be brought to surface.

Full moon on Saturday occurs in Taurus 11° (GMT: 5:23). It is tinted with the Venus-Uranus opposition, reflected in the Taurus – Scorpio opposition of the Moon and the Sun. Note that Uranus is in Aries, another sign ruled by Mars. Venus is offering flowers, talking about longing. Uranus is shooting at stars in an uncompromising fashion. Who or what has better chance? Don’t draw a conclusion just yet.

Week 5-11 November
Mercury moves to Sagittarius on Sunday and Venus moves to Scorpio on Tuesday. Both are in ‘detriment’ or exile status, moving into the exact opposite of where they are respective rulers. The connecting thread is Jupiter this time, as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and Scorpio is where Jupiter is now.

The Sun makes sextile to Pluto on Thursday, while Saturn makes trine to Uranus on Saturday. Thankfully, both are harmonious aspects! The latter is the last fire trine between the two, before Saturn changes sign next month.

Week 12-18 November
Venus and Jupiter are conjunct on Monday. Two benefics meet up in Scorpio – what is deep can get deeper. Further developments regarding women (Venus) and justice (Jupiter)? Or your appetite for beautiful things gets fed?  Another aspect of Venus this week is trine to Neptune on Thursday, which has more subdued tone, far-reaching nonetheless.

Mercury in the meantime makes square to Neptune on Monday and sextile to Mars on Friday. The latter has some strength as Hermes finds itself in its own terms (14-19° Sagittarius) – new ideas can be found for your action plans. Mercury is however starting its ‘shadow’ zone mid week, in view of its next retrograde period from 3 December.

New Moon on Saturday occurs in Scorpio 26° (GMT: 11:42). It is a quiet dark moon, with no other major aspects occurring around the time. Good for introspection, listening, or well-deserved pause – deep and cleansing.

Week 19-25 November 
Mars makes square to Pluto on Sunday, while Venus makes sextile to Pluto on Tuesday. We are still on the cleansing path. On Wednesday the Sun moves into Sagittarius and in the background Neptune stations direct. On Saturday Mercury makes trine to Uranus – be wary of drastic solutions. Articulate your thoughts first.

Week 26 November – 2 December
Mercury is still moving forward this week and conjoins Saturn on Tuesday. On Friday, Venus changes sign to Sagittarius while Mars opposes Uranus. Here is another (Martian) take on everything Uranian – unexpected, transcending, beyond – and what opposes it. Venusian flowers are replaced with …?  Do not act in haste – listen deeply.

∗ ∗ ∗

Opposites attract. Both sides of the same coin. Or yourself reflected in the Other. So how about hearing the same considerations for your Sun sign and its ‘opponent’, 180 degrees apart?  You may gain new insights into your other half!

There’s no way of knowing what Uranus brings you, apart from the fact that it hits you as a surprise. Going with it, beyond your normal expectations is not easy. Once in a while, though, those surprises can work as catharsis for you to go really far. Farther than you have ever imagined.

Full moon and new moon always come in pair. With this month’s earth-water lunation, take nothing for granted. Behind the apparent antagonism, there’s a possible integration verging on pure attraction. That sounds too good to ignore, right?

It’s been a worthwhile journey with Saturn. Time consuming yes, but with lasting rewards. With new expression of Saturn approaching, you close a chapter of your life and open a new page. You plan for your time ahead from a refreshed perspective. Excited? you should!

Examples can be bad as well as good. One may well learn more from bad ones. Trying to be that, or NOT be that – which is harder? Driven by your sincere desire to change, in midst of our collective demise, may Pluto assist you in your re-formist spirit.

Nodes of the Moon are still in your signs, showing see-saw like awareness. If one is too much, the other is too little.  The proverbial half full half empty glass can only exist through you experiencing its content which is what needs measurement and balance in your life now.

A beautiful dress is born out of a rough sketch, before going through a meticulous sewing to see its day.  Do you tend to see only the beginning or the end, without looking at many phases in between?  Or the other way round? A project calls for both mindsets that ultimately you are gifted with.

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