December 2017 – Saturn pure

What do we make of the ingress of Saturn into Capricorn on 20 December (GMT: 4:49)? According to John Partridge (1679): “Saturn passing out of one sign into another causes strange apparitions in the heavens…” Not to scare you, but our Superior Malefic changes sign only every 3 years or so, thus it has superior significance compared to other planets with much shorter orbs.

And what about the Sun entering Capricorn the following day and conjoining Saturn? The Sun = visibility, leader/ruler, living virtue, meeting Saturn = austerity, accountability, retentive virtue. Two different ‘revealers’ joining together.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, so it is strong and comfortable there, like a man in his own ambience or home: it does not have to negotiate, entertain or serve others. Saturn also rules Aquarius, so we are going to experience Saturn pure for many years to come.

One way to honour Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn: make a long-term plan geared towards harvesting. What do you want to see grow and retain at the end of your effort?

There is a chance for us to get wiser with Saturn in Capricorn. Healing is possible with time and time is Saturn’s speciality. We are looking at what’s achievable over time.

∗ ∗ ∗

Week 3-9 December

Full Moon on Sunday in Gemini (GMT: 15:47) has Neptunian undertone. Jupiter earlier on the day makes trine to Neptune, while both the Sun and the Moon make square to Neptune. It can create one of those misty atmosphere. Blurry visions are not just yours.

Prior to full Moon on Sunday, Mercury stations retro (GMT: 07:33). Until the 23rd, its retrograde happens entirely within the sign of Sagittarius, from 29 back to 13 degrees. Interestingly, in the beginning of this year, Mercury went direct at 28º Sagittarius (28° 51′ to be precise), which is very close to the degrees in which it goes retro this time. What is different now is that Saturn is also staying around 28°, finishing its sojourn in Sagittarius.

Last few degrees of any sign are critical, as they are terms of Saturn or Mars, where these malefics are strong. Mercury was just about to move out of its detriment (or exile) status in Sagittarius, and it must yet again walk BACKWARDS in the foreign land, so imagine the frustrations.

Which leads to havocs in the next 3 weeks regarding communication, transport, commerce or exchange of information – all pertain to Mercury. Extra caution is needed on Wednesdays = Mercury’s days. On Wednesday, the 6th, Mercury conjoins Saturn and makes sextile to Mars. Schedule your appointments on a later date, where possible.

Mars also makes sextile to Saturn on the 6th, before it moves to Scorpio on Saturday, where it rules. Mars’ rulership over Scorpio is different from that over Aries. Day-time hot and dry fire sign Aries is a straightforward template Mars. While night creature Scorpio is watery and fixed, but not fixated in terms of dexterity and movement. Expect in any case strong Mars here – let’s hope it behaves too.

Week 10-16 December 

On Sunday, Mercury makes trine to Uranus – what to expect or un-expect? Venus makes square to Neptune later on the day – delusional/confused in love? Mercury and Venus join together on Friday. Normally these two coming together is a positive occasion, but Mercury is retro and the encounter is likely to be out of tune.

The Sun in the meantime is conjunct Mercury on Wednesday – still retro, still Wednesday. On Saturday the Sun makes trine to Uranus, igniting your rebellious heart.

Week 17-23 December 

New Moon on Monday occurs in Sagittarius 26° (GMT: 5:30). The Moon makes trine to Uranus before and conjunct Saturn after. It is the Moon’s (and our) farewell to Saturn in Sagittarius.

And here we are with the big appointment: Saturn enters Capricorn on Wednesday (GMT: 4:49), and the Sun follows suit on Thursday and conjoins Saturn. Also, Mercury stations direct on Saturday (GMT: 1:52). A cherry on the cake on Wednesday: Venus makes trine to Uranus. Be unconventional and bold in love.

Week 24-31 December 

The last week of this year features Venus’ ingress into Capricorn on Monday. Venus then conjoins Saturn on the same day, offering us a taste of Saturn in Capricorn via another planet. Venus has a solid grasp there, as a triplicity ruler (together with the Moon and Mars) of an Earth sign Capricorn. Venusian awareness is thus worth tapping into.

Mars’ last aspect of the year is its trine to Neptune on Thursday. Their principles cannot be more different: that of separating (Mars) and of uniting (Neptune). The Moon also makes a succession of trine aspect to Saturn, Venus and the Sun.

Take a moment to reflect on the year ending. Lessons learned throughout this year are your precious cornerstones – take them with you into 2018.

∗ ∗ ∗

Saturn in Capricorn ‘keywords’ for your Sun sign:

Aries: Profession – let it lead you into new territories.

Taurus: Inspiration – that you give and receive.

Gemini: Endurance – keep fighting despite everything.

Cancer: Visibility – dare to go where you haven’t.

Leo: Humility – embraces you and stays with you.

Virgo: Flexibility – in work, fun and love.

Libra: Power – comes from within and gives you confidence.

Scorpio: Ease – your targets are within reach.

Sagittarius: Continuation – your foundations are solid.

Capricorn: Honour – what means to you and how you live it.

Aquarius: Optimism – how we all need it.

Pisces: Purpose – is found in everything you do.

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