January-March 2018 – Through bonds and dissolutions


∗Ingress/sign changes
11 Jan.  Mercury into Capricorn
18 Jan.  Venus into Aquarius
20 Jan.  Sun into Aquarius
26 Jan.  Mars into Sagittarius
31 Jan. Mercury into Aquarius

∗Aspects and the Moon
First Full Moon of the month/year takes place in Cancer (2 Jan. GMT: 2:24) and Uranus goes direct on the same day. Though the lunation is inclined towards Neptunian dreams (Moon trine and Sun sextile to Neptune), Uranus is far from being dreamy. It charges onwards to complete the last degrees of Aries, until it enters Taurus mid May.

Mars’ conjunction to Jupiter in Scorpio (6 Jan.) opens a ‘Martian’ week. Mars entertains Pluto, Venus and the Sun via sextile throughout the week.

Mercury finally enters Capricorn (11 Jan.). It conjoins Saturn first (14 Jan.) and later Pluto (24 Jan.), helping you articulate your strategic thoughts for the year just started.

Jupiter sextile Pluto (16 Jan. GMT: 4:13) is first of three sextile aspects between these two this year (also in April and September). Pluto’s reformist spirit blessed by Jupiter’s optimistic growth or his sense of justice – interesting to see what manifests around us.

New Moon in Capricorn (17 Jan. GMT: 2:17) has a blessing of Venus via conjunction, before Venus enters Aquarius on the following day. The Sun also goes into Aquarius (20 Jan.).

Mars into Sagittarius (26 Jan.) starts a mutual reception between Jupiter and Mars: Jupiter is in Scorpio ruled by Mars, while Mars is in Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. They can concede each other favours or facilitate tasks at hand.

We have another Full Moon (31 Jan. GMT: 13: 27), this time in Leo. It has more familiar tones, as the Moon makes trine to Mars before and opposes Venus after. It is however a total Eclipse: through the lunar nodes, the Leo/Aquarius axis is activated again. Within minutes Mercury moves into Aquarius, charging the opposite end. Portals are open now.



∗Ingress/sign changes
10 Jan. Venus into Pisces
18 Jan.  Mercury into Pisces
18 Jan.  Sun into Pisces

∗Aspects and the Moon
Venus (4 Feb.), the Sun (10 Feb.) and Mercury (13 Feb.) all make square to Jupiter.  Venus changes sign to Pisces (10 Feb.) where she is exalted.

New Moon/partial Eclipse in Aquarius (15 Feb. GMT: 21:05) follows the Moon’s conjunction with Mercury. How is your communication flowing? You can adjust and begin anew.

Mercury conjoins the Sun (17 Feb.) before they both move into Pisces (18 Feb.). One of them is happier than the other: the Sun is getting out of detriment (adverse conditions) by entering Pisces, while Mercury is getting into fall/detriment where it struggles most and performs least.

Venus’ conjunction to Neptune (21 Feb.) in Pisces has a beautiful and snuggly undertone. Make most of it!

End of the month: both Venus (25 Feb.) and Mercury (28 Feb.) make square to Mars. It’s a square between Pisces (Venus/Mercury) and Sagittarius (Mars), signs both ruled by Jupiter. And Jupiter is still in Scorpio = ruled by Mars. Hence Mars has an upper hand in both squares, being able to rely on Jupiter under his roof/Scorpio. Avoid being pushed into something you do not want or intend, in your inter-personal relations, love or commerce.


∗Ingress/sign changes AND retrogrades
6 Mar.  Mercury into Aries
7 Mar.  Venus into Aries
9 Mar.  Jupiter retro
17 Mar.  Mars into Capricorn
20 Mar.  Sun into Aries (Equinox)
23 Mar.  Mercury retro
31 Mar.  Venus into Taurus

∗Aspects and the Moon
Both Venus (1 Mar.) and Mercury (2 Mar.) make trine to Jupiter beginning of the month. This time they have an upper hand: Pisces, the sign they are in, is ruled by Jupiter which can grant them a favour. Besides, it’s a Jovial trine, not a Martial square!

Full Moon in Virgo (2 Mar. GMT: 0:51) channels via trine Saturn before and Pluto after. Grounding is possible, but not easy as the Moon then makes square to Mars and opposes Mercury/Venus.

Mercury and Venus conjoin in Pisces (4 Mar.), first of the two occasions they meet up this month. The second one takes place in Aries (20 Mar.) on the day of Equinox. Both are happy occasions for those musically or literally inclined. Connotations change however from Jupiter (Pisces) to Mars (Aries), so use appropriate words or instruments in order to be effective.

Are we getting used to Saturn in Capricorn? Still a long way to go, but both Mercury (11 Mar.) and Venus (13 Mar.) can deliver us via square Saturnian message, without sugar coating.

New Moon in Pisces (17 Mar. GMT: 13:12) is still a ‘battle’ between Jupiter (via trine) and Mars (via square). Mars enters Capricorn within hours, and there awaits Saturn, in its own castle (or is it a prison). It starts a two-month period when Mars co-habits with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. And guess who is the commander!

After entering Aries (20 Mar.), the Sun makes square to Mars (24 Mar.) and to Saturn (29 Mar.), stirring what needs to be stirred in the Capricorn front. Mercury starts retro in Aries (23 Mar.). All Mercurial retros this year take place in Fire signs.

Venus joins Uranus one last time (29 Mar.), before entering her beloved sign of Taurus (31 Mar.). Another Full Moon, this time in Libra (31 Mar. GMT: 12:37) is a balancing act between square to Saturn and opposition to Mercury. Tread carefully in navigating this delicate Full moon.

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