April-June 2018 – Into the unknown


*Sign change and retro
15 Apr. Mercury direct
18 Apr. Saturn retro (stations 15-20 Apr.)
20 Apr. Sun into Taurus
22 Apr. Pluto retro (stations 16-29 Apr.)
24 Apr. Venus into Gemini

It’s been two weeks since Mars entered Capricorn, where Saturn resides and reigns strong since last December. Two Malefics’ conjunction (2 Apr.) can send some shock waves. Both Saturn (as ruler) and Mars (as exalted) are strong in Capricorn – will they behave too? Mercury still retro in Aries squares both Mars (4 Apr.) and Saturn (5 Apr.) in the same week – expect no smooth communication.

Venus instead makes trine to Saturn first (7 Apr.) then to Mars (11 Apr.). The exchange between “cold and dry” Earth signs, i.e. Taurus and Capricorn may bring back cold weather in the northern hemisphere. Venus makes sextile to Neptune (12 Apr.) and so does Mars (14 Apr.) – hear your music within.

Jupiter – Pluto sextile (14 Apr.) is the second ‘chapter’ of three sextile between the two, though Jupiter is now retrograding. Issues around justice (Jupiter) and reform (Pluto) may be revisited. Mercury is finally direct (15 Apr. GMT: 9:21) and travels forwards again from 4° Aries.

New moon in 26° Aries (16 Apr. GMT: 1:57) occurs after a long void of course (= no aspects made to any other planets). The moon’s last aspect before being new is its square to Pluto, following aspect its conjunction to Uranus. It certainly sends us an edgy feeling. The opposition between Venus and Jupiter just after that won’t cheer us up either.

Furthermore, both Saturn (18 Apr.) and Pluto (22 Apr.) are stationing and going retro. Being such slow motioning planets, they stand still longer than one day – 5 days for Saturn, 14 days for Pluto! We need much patience around these days. Whatever you do, do not get exasperated. Rather, wait for a better climate.

Mars making sextile to Jupiter (23 Apr.) brings us some fresh air. Too bad it doesn’t last long. Mercury now direct makes square to Saturn (25 Apr.), reminding us of efficiency and ethics in our communication/work. Mars conjunct Pluto (26 Apr.) is a danger in making – avoid taking risks.

Full moon in 9° Scorpio (30 Apr. GMT: 00:58) has definitely lighter tones. A harmonious trine between the Sun and Saturn (29 Apr.) is carried by the Moon’s sextile to Saturn before being full and its trine to Neptune afterwards. A few days of respite as we change the calendar month.


*Sign change
13 May: Mercury into Taurus
15 May: Uranus into Taurus
16 May: Mars into Aquarius
19 May: Venus into Cancer
21 May: Sun into Gemini
30 May: Mercury into Gemini

The Sun-Neptune sextile on Sunday (6 May) is as good as it gets. We are rattled by Mercury squaring Pluto (7 May) and the Sun-Jupiter opposition (9 May) isn’t reassuring either.

The ‘unknown’ is approaching and Mercury cunningly anticipates it. It first makes square to Mars (12 May) and then conjunct Uranus (13 May). Mercury does so from Aries, just before it moves onto Taurus (13 May), leading the way of 3 planets changing sign in succession.

Uranus entering Taurus (15 May GMT: 15:16) opens a new chapter. No one knows (or few remember) what Uranus in Taurus will bring us, since its previous ingress into Taurus took place in 1935. We are in a new territory now. (As a side, Uranus changing sign worries me. The last time it did, entering Aries, Fukushima happened. Uranus is known to reign over volcanos, earthquakes, tectonic activities, and Taurus is of course an Earth sign).

Mars then changes sign too, into Aquarius, and so doing squares immediately Uranus (16 May). Notice that both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs – frictions between Mars and Uranus are maximised. New moon in 24° Taurus (15 May GMT: 11:48) falls completely under these spells – new, unknown, with a big bang.

One may take solace from Mercury’s trine to Saturn (18 May) – grounding is possible. Venus goes into Cancer and makes sextile to Uranus (19 May). Venusian introduction of Uranus in Taurus is somewhat gentler (compared to the square by Mars). Venus rules Taurus, after all.

The Sun enters airy Gemini (21 May). The ruler Mercury, by making sextile to Neptune and opposing Jupiter (23 May) anticipates something more auspicious this time: a trine between Jupiter and Neptune (25 May). Mercury itself makes trine to Pluto the same day. Along with the Sun’s trine to Mars (24 May), we bask in ‘trines’ galore… if we can just brush off Venus-Saturn opposition (26 May), that is.

Full moon in 8° Sagittarius (29 May GMT: 14:20) occurs between the Moon’s sextile to Mars and its square to Neptune. What message does the Moon pass on, from Mars-warrior to Neptune-dreamer? Mercury entering its own sign of Gemini (30 May) encourages you to be an eloquent and versatile communicator.


*Sign change and retro
12 June: Mercury into Cancer
13 June: Venus into Leo
19 June: Neptune retro (stations 17-20 June)
21 June: Sun into Cancer/solstice
27 June: Mars retro
29 June: Mercury into Leo

The month opens with another ‘trines’ galore. Mercury trine Mars AND Venus trine Jupiter within minutes from each other (1 June) is worthy of a ritual. Verbalise your wishes and make it a beautiful expression. With Venus trine Neptune the following day (2 June), there’s a grand trine of water signs in the sky.

Mercury makes itself heard on Wednesday (6 June) when it conjoins the Sun and squares Neptune, heralding a square between the Sun and Neptune (7 June). Mercury leaves Gemini behind and enters Cancer (12 June). While the Moon is void of course before being new, Mercury makes sextile to Uranus (13 June). Here’s Mercury’s first take on Uranus in Taurus. However mild, it gives us an useful piece of information. New moon occurs in 22° Gemini (13 June GMT: 19:43) – duality prevails.

Venus moves into Leo (13 June) and gives a more imposing take on Uranus via square (15 June) – is the one entering my house (Taurus) a friend or an enemy? Mercury opposing Saturn (16 June): check facts and figures before commitment. Mercury’s trine to Jupiter (19 June) instead gives out optimism, so does its trine to Neptune (21 June).

The Sun enters Cancer (21 June) and it’s a summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. Venus’ opposition to Mars the same day is a prelude to what comes later between the Sun (ruler of Leo) and Saturn (ruler of Aquarius). But first, the Sun makes sextile to Uranus (23 June), giving us his take on Uranus in Taurus.

Venus squares Jupiter (25 June): are you there yet with retro, Jupiter? Almost! Mars goes retro in 9° Aquarius (26 June). Martian retro happens every two years or so and lasts for a couple of months (until 28 August this year). Your actions may not be effective or go as planned in this period – retreat is wise.

The Sun-Saturn opposition (27 June) proceeds full moon in 6° Capricorn (28 June GMT: 4:53). The Moon is detriment (powerless) in Capricorn, struggling to invent a common language.

Mercury enters Leo (29 June) and makes square to Uranus (30 June). Here’s Mercury reading another chapter of “Uranus in Taurus”. There are more ‘snapshots’ ahead, as we get to know the ‘unknown’.

* Dates shown in GREEN when a harmonious trine (4 signs or 120° aspect) occurs.