Saturn in Capricorn (so far, so good)

Saturn has been in its own template/ruling sign of Capricorn since 20 December last year. I have observed a few things so far. Personal connotations aside (depending on which house Capricorn occupies in your chart, or where your natal Saturn is), there are things common to all under this particular Saturnian expression.

Productive Saturdays 

Saturdays have become more like workdays. There is a straighter (hence shorter) line between ‘planning’ something and actually ‘doing’ it. There is less hesitation, resistance or doubting regarding what you have just thought or planned to do. Going along with ‘pure’ Saturn on Saturn’s day has been encouraging and even enjoyable. No more lazy Saturdays, though!

When Saturn makes a good aspect to another planet on any Saturday (one coming up: Venus trine Saturn on 7 April), take advantage of it as it is doubly effective.

Rewards match efforts

This is classic Saturn. What you put in, returns. It doesn’t get triple-fold by sheer luck (Jupiter) or enhanced through charisma (Sun). Saturn is about no-nonsense, easy-to-understand, down-to-earth action and attitude. This becomes especially evident in the place/house Capricorn falls in your natal chart. Meaning: where in your life is Saturn working and affecting most?

For example, if it is your 2nd house: you can streamline your finance and see immediate results. 3rd house: communicate with your siblings or neighbours and receive a surprise invitation. 6th house: start a new health regimen, stick to it and get healthier. 10th house: promote yourself with due diligence and honesty and new opportunities knock on your door.

Time or perception thereof 

Saturn aka Chrono is the lord of time, ticking eternally your external (and internal) time. Have you noticed any change regarding your perceptions of time? Does it seem to go faster or slower?

If I look back at the last three months since Saturn entered Capricorn, it seems to be going faster. Recent memories seem more recent, compared to my further ones (when Saturn was yet to enter Capricorn). Let’s see what happens when Saturn goes retro (18 April-2 September), if it stays that way.

In any case, there is plenty of time (!) as Saturn’s sojourn in Capricorn lasts until 2020, then the next sign Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn (until 2023).

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