October-December 2018 – Sign of the times


5 Oct: Venus stations retro (10° Scorpio)
9 Oct: New Moon in Libra
(GMT: 3:47)
10 Oct: Mercury into Scorpio
23 Oct: Sun into Scorpio
24 Oct: Full Moon in Taurus (GMT: 16:45)
31 Oct: Mercury into Sagittarius; Venus (retro) into Libra


The month of October opens with Venus going retro (5 Nov GMT: 19:04) which happens once every two years or so. Last year we had no Venus or Mars retro; this year we have both. Where Venus is or houses ruled by Venus in your natal chart will be most affected by this retro. Also, if your Sun sign is Taurus or Libra, you were born sensitive to Venus transits and her retro affects you even more. Be cautious with beauty enhancement, furnishing, fashion/clothing, love relationship, everything Venus is about until 16 November.

On the sidelines, Pluto stations direct (1 Oct) and Mercury squares it (3 Oct). Lately, there’s been a discussion again about Pluto’s status – is Pluto a planet after all? Saturn’s co-presence (and their eventual conjunction) in the sign of Capricorn makes me think that nomenclature will be restored eventually.

New Moon at 15° Libra (9 Oct) is subdued, due to the Moon’s passage via combusta (15 Liba – 15 Scorpio). Venus, ruler of Libra is also dragging itself backwards in that shady place. Contemplation rather than initiation is appropriate under this dark Moon.

Mercury enters Scorpio (10 Oct) and favours detective/investigative work, wicked curiosity, or back stabbing if Mercury takes on too much of Martian vice. Venus-Mars square (11 Oct) has an emotive edge due to Venus retro, while Mercury-Saturn sextile (12 Oct) keeps your skills in check. Mercury cruises the following week via conjunction to Venus (‘good luck with your retro’), square to Mars (‘should I strike or should I refrain‘) and trine to Neptune (‘shall we make overture to encourage Venus‘).

The Sun enters Scorpio (23 Oct). Full Moon (24 Oct) occurs at 1° Taurus, close to the Moon’s exaltation degrees (3° Taurus). It’s tinged, however, with Uranus (retro) which is slowly leaving Taurus. Venus (retro) sextile Saturn hours prior to full Moon is a preview of the Sun’s conjunction to Venus (26 Oct) and sextile to Saturn (27 Oct). Never an easy one between these two, especially now that Venus is retro.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter one last time in Scorpio (29 Oct) before entering Sagittarius (30 Oct), changing its host from Mars to Jupiter. Mercury is detriment in the signs ruled by Jupiter and it is already in ‘shadow zones’ (=will repeat this path after retro). While Venus opposes Uranus before moving back (retro) into Libra.



7 Nov: New Moon in Scorpio (GMT: 16:02)
8 Nov: Jupiter into Sagittarius (GMT: 12:38)
15 Nov: Mars into Pisces
16 Nov: Venus stations direct (25° Libra)
17 Nov: Mercury stations retro (13° Sagittarius)
22 Nov: Sun into Sagittarius
23 Nov: Full Moon in Gemini (GMT: 5:39)

While we still wait for a couple of weeks before Venus goes direct, the month of November is dominated by an important event: Jupiter changing sign. Jupiter has been in Scorpio since October last year, and this time it’s doubly significant, since Jupiter is entering its own home/ruling sign of Sagittarius.

New Moon at 15° Scorpio (7 Nov) gives proper ending/beginning in that regard, before Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on Thursday/Jupiter’s day (8 Nov). Within hours, the Moon follows suit and conjunct Jupiter, duly marking the event. We will see what blessings Jupiter in Sagittarius brings us for the next 12+ months.

In the background, the Sun makes trine to Neptune and Uranus slips back into Aries (6 Nov). Venus is still retro while making trine to Mars on Friday/Venus’ day (9 Nov) – still not optimal to strike a love chord.

Mid month, 3 things occur in a row: first, Mars changes sign to Pisces (15 Nov). Mars is a triplicity ruler of a water sign, thus it has a good footing in Pisces. Venus stations direct in her own bound (16 Nov GMT: 10:51) – we can look forward to love/lust again. Mercury damps our celebrative tunes, however, as it goes retro (17 Nov GMT: 1:32).

Mars squaring Jupiter (20 Nov) is the first aspect Jupiter in Sagittarius makes with another planet. Mars is newly hosted in the other home sign of Jupiter, Pisces, so clearly Jupiter commands the encounter. The Sun enters Sagittarius (22 Nov). Full Moon at the beginning of Gemini (23 Nov) revisits the Mars-Jupiter pair, as it is followed by conjunction to Jupiter and square to Mars. Mercury (retro) does the same in the reverse motion, first squaring Mars (26 Nov) then conjunct Jupiter (27 Nov). Jupiter (rulers)-Mars (military) interactions will be the focus in many places around the world.

The Sun makes conjunction to Jupiter (26 Nov) and to retro Mercury, while two malefic lords Mars and Saturn make sextile to each other under the Sun/Moon trine (27 Nov).



1 Dec: Mercury (retro) into Scorpio
2 Dec: Venus into Scorpio
6 Dec: Mercury stations direct (27° Scorpio)
7 Dec: New Moon in Sagittarius (GMT: 7:20)
12 Dec: Mercury into Sagittarius
21 Dec: Sun into Capricorn
22 Dec: Full Moon in Cancer (GMT: 17:49)

While Mercury (retro) re-enters Scorpio from the tail end (1 Dec), Venus re-enters Scorpio proper (2 Dec). The Sun’s square to Mars (3 Dec) and to Neptune (5 Dec) is a prelude of new Moon at 15° Sagittarius (7 Dec) which precedes a Mars-Neptune conjunction. A meeting of two opposites: attraction or repulsion? The Moon offers a reconciliatory note via sextile to both (9 Dec) – will it work?

Meanwhile, Mercury goes direct (6 Dec GMT: 21:23) and regains its normal course, re-entering Sagittarius (12 Dec). Venus sextile Saturn (16 Dec) and Mars sextile Pluto (17 Dec) stir things a little. The Sun’s trine to Uranus (20 Dec) is far less subtle and can shake us, literally.

The Sun’s ingress into Capricorn is preceded by Venus trine Neptune and Mercury conjunct Jupiter (21 Dec) – a rich entry to our seasonal change.

Full Moon, last one of the year occurs in the Moon’s beloved home sign, Cancer (22 Dec). We find ourselves in deeper or wilder dreams, as the year begins to wind down.

Contemplate how the year 2018 has been for you and the world, under Mercury square Neptune (25 Dec). Time has certainly flown by this year – thanks to super effective Saturn in Capricorn? And don’t be surprised if everybody is wide awake as the year changes. Mars enters Aries in the night of New Year’s eve – a proper way to greet a new year!