Forecast 2019

2019 Overview

As we approach the year 2019, it is difficult not to notice what lies ahead of us collectively, i.e. what extraordinary year 2020 is going to be. No one can or should jump straight to 2020, however. You don’t want to be in 2020 just yet. We must first walk through 2019, continue making our foundations solid and sound, as we get ready for the year 2020.

Why is 2020 so extraordinary? Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the month of January, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (at 0º Aquarius!) in the month of December and everything in between. Enough said.

In 2019, no Mars or Venus retro will take place, which is good news, especially for those who have strong Mars/Venus presence in their natal charts (thus more affected by their retro). As usual, Mercury goes retrograde three times in 2019: 5-28 March, 7 July-1 August, and 31 Oct-20 November.

Jupiter stays in its own ruling sign of Sagittarius, including its retro, until 2 December. As a superior Benefic, Jupiter gives expansion, growth and prosperity. In mundane, it governs law, king-dom, and justice – it comfortably uses its power and position in Sagittarius and fulfils its mission. Planets transiting in the sign of Sagittarius this year won’t escape the scrutiny of Jupiter being present.

By now we are accustomed to Saturn in its ruling sign of Capricorn, to its efficiency, strength, ruthlessness (mostly) and demand to act. Your efforts are rewarded, as long as you work with Saturn. Discipline, time keeping/honouring, boundaries – who doesn’t need them in their life?

As for the outer planets, Uranus turns direct beginning of this year and enters Taurus again in March, not to leave the sign of Taurus until 2025. Uranus in an earth/fixed sign can be dramatic. Uranus is abrupt and disruptive; it defies our expectations. Where you have Taurus in your natal chart gives a hint as to what becomes revolutionised in your life, whether you are prepared for it or not.

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2019 Monthly features

First new/full moon of the year are eclipsed: new moon between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (6 Jan) right before Uranus stationing direct in Aries (= square between the signs) is tumultuous. Full moon in Leo (21 Jan) is followed by Mars-Saturn square, adding fuel to eclipse fire.

Breathy new moon in Aquarius (4 Feb) the day after Venus enters the sign of Capricorn. Venus is conjunct Saturn the day before full moon in Virgo (19 Feb). With Mars in Taurus from mid month, Earth signs echo strong in the sky.

Mercury goes retro in Pisces, Uranus (now direct) returns in Taurus, while new moon in Pisces (6 Mar) joins dreamy (or confused?) Neptune. Astrological new year i.e. the Sun’s ingress into Aries (20 Mar) is not a quiet kind, happening between Mars-Pluto trine and Venus-Mars square.

Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all go retro in April. Pluto is practically standing still for half of the month. New moon in Aries (5 Apr) re-lives (via square) the eclipsed new moon of January. Full moon takes place again in Libra (19 Apr), this time at the very end of the sign.

New moon in Taurus (4 May) is followed by Mars-Jupiter opposition. Full moon in Scorpio (18 May) is followed by Venus-Uranus conjunction. Neither is subtle. While Venus and Mercury enjoy their respective home signs, Mars from mid month suffers fall status in Cancer.

New moon in Gemini (3 Jun) occurs under Venus-Pluto trine, with the ruler Mercury being present in Gemini. Full moon in Sagittarius (17 Jun) is also Mercurial with a touch of wickedness, via its opposition to Saturn and conjunction to Mars.

Mercury stations retro in Leo and later moves back into Cancer. Another eclipse month is here: new moon in Cancer (2Jul) and full moon in Capricorn (16 Jul), happening along the moon’s nodal axis.

The month starts with new moon in Leo (1 Aug), immediately followed by Mercury stationing direct. Jupiter also goes direct, while Uranus stations retro under full moon in Aquarius (15 Aug). Second new moon of the month is in Virgo (30 Aug) under the stellium of Mercury, Venus and Mars in the sign.

First half of the month is filled with planetary aspects non-stop, with full moon in Pisces (14 Sep) being culmination of it all. New moon in Libra (28 Sep) is mellow and gives us breathing space.

Full moon in Aries (13 Oct) is blessed by Jupiter, though Pluto (now direct) is present via square. New moon in Scorpio (28 Oct) is tightly opposed by Uranus. Mercury stationing retro in Scorpio on the very last day of the month prevents things from going smooth. 

Full moon in Taurus (12 Nov) is tainted by retro Mercury in the opposite sign of Scorpio. Mercury stations direct a week later and new moon in Sagittarius (26 Nov) happens just after Venus enters Capricorn.

A total change of air, as Jupiter leaves its own sign of Sagittarius and enters Capricorn (2 Dec), its meeting with Pluto looming ahead. Full moon in Gemini (12 Dec) is under Neptunian haze, while new moon in Capricorn (26 Dec) starts another eclipse cycle, to be continued into January 2020.

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2019 Ascendant sign tips

Far away places and philosophical inquest are your source of inspiration this year. Consider balance between your home and career and sacrifice neither.

Honour small letters and short journeys, as big projects are also made of those. Old and new ideas meet this year and fuse into one.

Financial flow improves. You come across people this year with strong and clear idea who can help you. Do not get carried away in the process.

Find a way to enhance your health this year, without overdoing your regimen. Follow your internal ‘rhythm’ instead.

Joy of life is there to be fully embraced. Tapping into the ‘unknown’ is also rewarding this year, which brings more maturity.

Home is your source of optimism this year. You respond more often to social callings, but do not forget to nurture solo quality time.

People appreciate your communicative side this year. Your career is also gaining momentum. If melancholy hits you, stick to your favourite music, literally.

Ingenious ideas result in financial gain, which increases your confidence. When things get too hectic in your vicinity, look far ahead.

There are many ‘king/queen of the world’ moments this year, flanked by more sober, ‘building brick by brick’ moments. Both are important for you.

Your efficiency is in full gear this year, but imagination enriches your life as well. Trust your instinct when it comes to ‘fairness’ of any proposal.

Your circle of friends increases and so does your spirit of service to others. Give yourself credit first where/when credit is due.

Expand your career without losing sight of reality – it is more exciting than it sounds. Outline your hope clearly and realisation follows.


Best wishes for your 2019!