January-March 2019 – Heavenly cacophony

January – Eclipse bang

New moon (partial eclipse) in Capricorn 15° (6 Jan, GMT 1:28) is conjunct fixed star Vega, the lyre – it can enchant as well as deceive. With the Moon besieged between Saturn and Pluto, deceiving side may well have an upper hand.

Full moon (total eclipse) in Leo 0° (21 Jan, GMT 5:16) anticipates a square between Mars and Saturn and a conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. The Moon’s nodes are still fairly early (or late degrees) in the signs of Cancer/Capricorn, and this eclipsed moon is the last one in Leo. It is grandiose, but backed by ideas which can come from surprising sources.

Check the above degrees in your natal chart: if they conjunct or oppose any natal planet (especially your natal Moon or Sun), they signify extra ‘stress’ events. Manifestations, emotional response or acute realisations are rife under eclipse, and they will reflect the themes of the houses in which your natal planets are found at the eclipse degrees.

∗ ∗ ∗

Mars into Aries (1 Jan) 

Mars’ aspects this month: square to Saturn (21 Jan) and trine to Jupiter (25 Jan). Caution especially the square happening under the eclipsed full moon.

Mars moves this year, without retro, from Aries to Scorpio. It starts the year in Aries it rules, and ends the year in Scorpio, the other sign it rules. Check which houses/places these signs are in your natal chart. Mars is action oriented, but also brings damage and destruction (especially as malefic for day time natives), through themes that those houses in your chart represent.

Mercury into Capricorn (5 Jan); into Aquarius (24 Jan)

Mercury’s aspects this month: squares Mars (8 Jan), conjuncts Saturn (13 Jan), conjuncts Pluto (18 Jan) and squares Uranus (23 Jan). After entering Aquarius, conjuncts the Sun (30 Jan).

Mercury ‘the trickster’ is neutral and takes on characteristics of other planets it mingles with. Of all the aspects Mercury makes this month, the only one we can look forward to is its conjunction to the Sun – energising and forward thinking. The rest of the aspects all involves malefic planets and Mercury will serve them more or less faithfully.

Venus into Sagittarius (7 Jan) 

Venus’ aspects this month: trines Mars (18 Jan), squares Neptune (21 Jan) and conjuncts Jupiter (22 Jan).

Venus hasn’t much say in Sagittarius (apart from its own bound between12-17 degrees), so it relies on the Centaur’s host, Jupiter currently in the sign. Conjunction between two benefics, Jupiter and Venus is optimistic and lifts us up.

Uranus stations direct (6 Jan) 

Uranus goes direct at 28 degrees of Aries. Last few degrees of every sign are considered dangerous (as they belong to Mars or Saturn) and Uranus’ stationing direct there is menacing. 

Jupiter square Neptune (Jan 13)

Jupiter’s exact square to Neptune occurs three times this year (Jan, Jun and Sept). What this square can bring: water (Neptune) related crisis, or judge/justice (Jupiter) forcing through a nebulous (Neptune) situation. This square is the only time when both planets are direct, so powerful manifestations are expected.

Sun into Aquarius (20 Jan)

Sun’s aspects this month: conjuncts Saturn (2 Jan), conjuncts Pluto (11 Jan), squares Uranus (19 Jan) and conjuncts Mercury (30 Jan).

∗ ∗ ∗

Happy birthday Aquarius! You are Saturn-ruled Air sign, breezy, freedom loving, independent and magnanimous. South node has left your sign, Jupiter blesses you via sextile, if you can just ignore Uranus squaring you from March onwards. You’ll be fine, as long as you stick to your own philosophy, live and let live.


February – In suspension 

New moon in Aquarius 15° (4 Feb, GMT 21:04) is seen only by Jupiter and Mars, due to the fact that more than half of the sky is empty. The Moon will sextile Jupiter, conjunct Mercury and sextile Mars. The atmosphere is subdued and waiting for more to come.

Full moon in Virgo 0° (19 Feb, GMT 15:54) is another story: the Moon will trine Mars, oppose Mercury and Neptune, and trine Venus which has by then completed its conjunction to Saturn. This moon is also conjunct fixed star Regulus, the heart of the lion, highly successful but vengeance is its weakness.

∗ ∗ ∗

Venus into Capricorn (3 Feb)

Venus’ aspects this month: trines Uranus (2 Feb), conjuncts Saturn (18 Feb), conjuncts Pluto (23 Feb), and squares Uranus (1 Mar) just before entering Aquarius.

Venus is in a better ‘space’ in an Earth sign such as Capricorn as its triplicity ruler. It knows its way around better, despite the host Saturn’s presence.

Mercury into Pisces (10 Feb)

Mercury’s aspects this month: conjuncts Neptune (19 Feb) and squares Jupiter (22 Feb).

Entering Pisces, the opposite sign of Virgo, Mercury exerts its minimum power and expression, as opposed to its maximum in Virgo (ruler and exalted). Worse still, Mercury has to slow down while in Pisces, as it prepares to go retro. Note also that its conjunction to Neptune happens under Virgo (opposite!) full moon, at the degrees/16° Pisces where Mercury will later in March, after finishing its retro, stations direct. Hazy, confused or just can’t make up one’s mind – not an ideal time for anything definite.

Mars into Taurus (14 Feb)

Mars’ aspects this month: squares Pluto (1 Feb) and conjuncts Uranus (13 Feb).

Both aspects, while still in Aries, are as wild as they can get – emotionally raw (Pluto) and abrupt (Uranus). As Mars enters Taurus, opposite of its other ruling sign Scorpio, its fire power dwindles.

Sun into Pisces (19 Feb)

∗ ∗ ∗

Happy birthday Pisces! You are imaginative, genial, and highly creative – you rock, you flow! Under benevolent eyes of your ruler Jupiter, you are encouraged to do more than you have ever dared. Hang in there while Mercury plods to and fro in your sign – make commitments afterwards.


March – Retro haze

New moon in Pisces 15° (6 Mar, GMT 16:04) is conjunct not only Neptune (water) but also fixed star Achernar, the river or end thereof, indicating rapid unfolding of events, possibly related to emergency like flood.

Full moon in Libra 0° (21 Mar, GMT 01:43) occurs within hours from the Sun’s ingress into Aries, aka astrological new year. The Moon will square Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes, emphasising discontent and difficulty.

∗ ∗ ∗

Venus into Aquarius (1 Mar); into Pisces (26 Mar)

Venus’ aspects this month: squares Mars (21 Mar).

Venus in Aquarius is quite independent, without making any major aspects to anyone, except for its square to Mars several hours after the full moon. Mars in Taurus should succumb to the sign ruler Venus, while Venus is not happy being disposed by Saturn. In Pisces, Venus is more gracious and charming as its triplicity ruler and also gains exaltation status.

Mercury stations retro in Pisces (5 Mar); stations direct in Pisces (28 Mar)

Mercury’s aspects this month: conjuncts the Sun as well as squares Jupiter (15 Mar) and conjuncts Neptune (24 Mar).

Mercury plods backwards most of the month, retrograding from 29 to 16 degrees of Pisces. Frustration abounds in what Mercury reigns, like writings, communication and commerce. Do not try hard. Rather, wait for better times. You re-live the last month’s Neptunian haze once again, via Mercury’s conjunction to Neptune, now in backwards. Deja-vu in hazy vision.

Uranus into Taurus (6 Mar)

Uranus leaves Aries behind (for the next 76 years!) and enters Taurus. Uranus changing sign is a ‘thunderous’ event. It occurs about 8 hours before the new moon, i.e. in the darkest hours. We have plenty of years ahead to experience Uranus in Taurus.

Mars into Gemini (31 Mar)

Mars’ aspects this month: trines Saturn (14 Mar) and trines Pluto (20 Mar).

Sun into Aries (20 Mar)

Sun’s aspects this month: conjuncts Neptune (7 Mar), squares Jupiter (14 Mar) and conjuncts Mercury (15 Mar).

∗ ∗ ∗

Happy birthday Aries! You are natural born leaders, with strong actions and orientations, with a charm of your own (and we follow you often). Energetic and benevolent Jupiter blesses you via trine, while Saturn convinces you via square throughout the year. Uranus is in your sign no more and planning long term and solid is doable, so go for it!