April-June 2019 – Our collective ride

April – Balancing act

New moon in Aries 15° (5 Apr, GMT 08:50) – It occurs next to fixed star Alpheratz which symbolises ‘speed and freedom’. The Sun is also close to its exaltation degrees, heralding a strong beginning.

Full moon in Libra 29° (19 Apr, GMT 11:12) – Remember the full moon in March, also in Libra? The Moon invites us once again, under the symbol of scale, to achieve right balance. It shines deliberate light on where balance is lacking, in public and private.

Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn station retro (10, 24, 30 Apr)

3 outer planets are stationing retro this month: Jupiter goes retro for the next 4 months, albeit within its own ruling sign of Sagittarius. Pluto and Saturn going retro in Capricorn have more ominous implications, them being malefic. All in all, less happy-go-lucky, more review and recess, which can be a good thing.

Mercury into Aries (17 Apr)

Mercury leaves Pisces finally to move into Aries. With Mars in Gemini under way, it now creates ‘mutual reception’ between Mercury and Mars, swapping their ruling signs. They can help each other or pest each other, depending on how words (Mercury) and actions (Mars) interact. What is your agenda regarding both?

Mercury aspects: conjunct Neptune (1 Apr), square Jupiter (12 Apr).

Venus into Aries (20 Apr)

Venus has some difficulties due to her ‘detriment’ status in Aries, though having some dignities there. Venus in Aries takes initiatives, straight to the point, no nuances, more actions.

Venus aspects: conjunct Neptune (10 Apr), square Jupiter (15 Apr).

Sun into Taurus (20 Apr)

Sun aspects: square Saturn (10 Apr), square Pluto (13 Apr), trine Jupiter (14 Apr), conjunct Uranus (22 Apr).

Happy birthday, Taurus!
You are full of artistic genius and lyrical intrigue. Besides having Saturn’s earthy support via trine, you can expect from December Jupiter’s benevolence when it enters Capricorn. Resources abound, use them wisely.

∗ ∗ ∗

May – Waves of emotions

New Moon in Taurus 14° (4 May, GMT 22:45) – It occurs under applying opposition between Mars and Jupiter, and next to fixed star Menkar, with the collective in focus. There is no way to avoid or resist the emotional charge under this new Moon, so don’t.

Full Moon in Scorpio 27° (18 May, GMT 21:11) – Emotions abound as the Moon in Scorpio (ruled by Mars) and Mars now in Cancer (ruled by the Moon) receive each other. Endless waves of emotions arise. Resistance is again futile.

Mercury into Taurus (6 May); into Gemini (21 May)

Mercury regains its normal speed, spending 2 weeks in Taurus, then 2 weeks in its ruling sign of Gemini, keeping itself busy via numerous aspects. Especially after entering Gemini, it immediately conjoins the Sun, getting charged with solar power. If you want to launch a project (or two), time it under the Sun-Mercury conjunction for extra publicity and recognition.

Mercury aspects: square Pluto (2 May), trine Jupiter (3 May), conjunct Uranus (8 May), trine Saturn (16 May), trine Pluto (18 May), conjunct Sun (21 May), square Neptune (30 May), opposite Jupiter (31 May).

Venus into Taurus (15 May)

Venus rules Taurus and exerts her most agile, powerful and beautiful self there. Enjoy your activities around beauty and pleasure during her 3.5 weeks-long permanence in Taurus.

Venus aspects: square Saturn (7 May), trine Jupiter, square Pluto (9 May), conjunct Uranus (18 May), trine Saturn (31 May).

Mars into Cancer (16 May)

How does Mars behave in Cancer? Mars has ‘fall’ status in Cancer, yet it is a triplicity ruler (water signs). At best, it protects what is dear to itself at all costs, or it gets aggressive behind its shield. Watch out especially when the Moon is in Aries or Scorpio (= ruled by Mars). Stability is in shortage for the time being.

Mars aspects: opposite Jupiter (5 May).

Sun into Gemini (21 May)

Sun aspects: trine Saturn (11 May), trine Pluto (14 May), conjunct Mercury (21 May).

Happy birthday Gemini!
You are a creative genius, talented in multiple things. Your source of inspiration this year is (appropriately) two-fold: Neptune pushes you to dare to dream, while Jupiter helps you mould your idea into vision. Keep staying on course.

∗ ∗ ∗

June – Higher demands

New moon in Gemini 12° (3 June, GMT 10:02) – it occurs under T-square between Jupiter and Neptune, while Mercury is about to leave its own sign. The atmosphere is not cheerful, but then again, it’s a dark moon: you proceed on.

Full moon in Sagittarius 25° (17 June, GMT 8:31) – the Moon is conjunct fixed star Aculeus whose theme is ‘constructive criticism’, ones you can learn and grow from. While Venus (co-present with the Sun in Gemini) is conjunct ‘the eye of the Bull’, great star Aldebaran, weighing in on ethical integrity and honesty. We demand of ourselves more.

Mercury into Cancer (4 June); into Leo (27 June)

Entering Cancer, where Mars is present, Mercury repeats the same aspects as Mars, with conjunction in the middle: trine Neptune, opposite Saturn and opposite Pluto. One may feel bogged down in these heavy aspects; Jupiter can however present a way out (see below). Mercury enters its ‘shadow zones’, before its retro in July.

Mercury aspects: trine Neptune, opposite Saturn (16 June), conjunct Mars (18 June), opposite Pluto (19 June).

Venus into Gemini (9 June)

Venus in Gemini is carefree and wears her heart on her sleeve for anyone to see. While Mercury entertains itself (dangerously) with Mars, Venus has better things to do – multitasking is one.

Venus aspects: trine Pluto (3 June), opposite Jupiter (23 June), square Neptune (24 June).

Jupiter square Neptune, 2nd of three (16 June)

We had the first Jupiter square Neptune beginning this year (13 Jan), and now due to Jupiter’s retro, they square each other again. Jovial force and Neptunian force interact and it is no soft aspect, so expect concrete manifestations.

Sun into Cancer (21 June)

Sun’s aspects: square Neptune (9 June), opposite Jupiter (10 June).

Happy Birthday, Cancer!
You are the Moon’s child, sensitive and sensual souls. The Moon’s north node is in Cancer throughout the year, giving you gaining opportunities. You will feel the shift when Jupiter enters Capricorn in December – time for decisions.