July-September 2019 – Waves of resonance

July – Eclipse and retro

New moon in Cancer 10° (2 July, GMT 19:16) – If you consider only 5 traditional planets and luminaries, what the sky presents us right now is a see-saw pattern along the nodes of the Moon in Cancer-Capricorn. Jupiter (in Sagittarius) and Saturn (in Capricorn) on one end, and all the rest is between Gemini (with Venus leaving shortly) and Leo (with Mars just entered, plus Mercury). The party looks more cheerful on the Cancer end. An ‘excess’ or a hang-over can be a danger, however.

Full moon in Capricorn 24° (16 July, GMT 21:38) – Though the Moon is in its ‘detriment’ and next to Pluto, compensation comes from Venus in Cancer at the exaltation degrees of Jupiter and next to the north node (future, gain) of the Moon. Reap Venusian blessings.

Mars into Leo (1 July)

Mars enters Leo on the 1st of July. Instead of its fall status in Cancer, Mars is better disposed in Leo. Leo shares fire element with Aries (Mars ruled) and fixed quality with Scorpio (also Mars ruled). It’s comfortable Mars with a good visibility. Until the Sun enters Leo/its own home, Mars remains unchecked though, so use prudence.

Mars aspects: square Uranus (11 July), trine Jupiter (25 July).

Venus into Cancer (3 July); into Leo (28 July)

Venus is a triplicity ruler of water signs, so she has certain amount of authority and autonomy in Cancer. Venus is emotionally rich and compassionate in the house of the Moon. Moving into Leo, her expressions get more direct and flamboyant.

Venus aspects: opposite Saturn (17 July), trine Neptune (18 July), opposite Pluto (21 July).

Mercury retro in Leo (7 July) and in Cancer (19 July)

Besides eclipses, in July we have Mercury retrograde for 3 weeks and 3 days, from Leo 4° to Cancer 24°. Delay, repetition, dissonance, miscalculation… these are all very common during Hermes’ retro hopping. Mercury is a charming trickster, not to be fully trusted especially during its retro. Check where Leo/Cancer is in your natal chart for areas to be affected most.

Mercury aspects: conjunct Mars (8 July), conjunct Sun (21 July), conjunct Venus (25 July).

Sun into Leo (23 July)

Sun aspects: opposite Saturn (9 July), trine Neptune (11 July), opposite Pluto (14 July), conjunct Mercury (21 July), square Uranus (29 July).

Happy birthday, Leo!
Your sunny disposition, glamorous self, brilliant talent and confidence do not need any introduction. A shift occurs this year when Jupiter leaves Sagittarius, ending a benevolent trine to your sign. You will navigate in calmer water, have more space for contemplation.

* * *

August – Earth fertile

New moon in Leo 8° (1 Aug, GMT 3:12) – The Moon meets the Sun in Leo, minutes before Mercury goes direct, the following lunar aspect being the Moon’s trine to Jupiter. We begin the month on a positive note.

Full moon in Aquarius 22° (15 Aug, GMT 12:29) – The Moon opposes the Sun, Venus and Mars in that order, with 12 hours’ void (no lunar aspects) in between Moon-Venus and Moon-Mars opposition. A glimpse of the Venus-Mars conjunction later in the month?

New moon in Virgo 6° (30 Aug, GMT 10:37) – A second new moon of this month takes place in Virgo, with the Moon making trine to Uranus (before) and trine to Saturn (after). Plenty of earthy stimulus and grandiose gesture.

Mercury direct in Cancer (1 Aug), into Leo (11 Aug), into Virgo (29 Aug)

Mercury goes direct finally, heralding a better month ahead. It regains normal speed, completes its cut-short journey through Leo, arriving its beloved home sign of Virgo by the end of the month. Mercury remains solitary, with just a couple of aspects this month. Which is a strong contrast to what awaits us in September.

Mercury aspects: square Uranus (16 Aug), trine Jupiter (21 Aug)

Jupiter direct (11 Aug)

Jupiter ends its 4 months long retro in its own sign of Sagittarius (11 Aug, GMT 13:38). From here on, it’s all forwards until it moves into Capricorn on 2 December. Take advantage of its benevolent push where it’s relevant in your natal chart.

Mars into Virgo (18 Aug)

Mars in Virgo organises, categorises, or makes notes while acts. It cannot be otherwise in the most Mercurial sign such as Virgo. A strategist who can be short-sighted and easily get frustrated. At best though, they can integrate details into a grand scheme of things.

Venus into Virgo (21 Aug)

Venus in earth sign Virgo enjoys her triplicity ruler status, just like in Cancer. Her conjunction with Mars within days brings in excitement and passion. Entertain or take initiatives, with or without commitment.

Venus aspects: trine Jupiter (8 Aug), conjunct Mars (24 Aug), trine Uranus (26 Aug).

Sun into Virgo (23 Aug)

Sun aspects: trine Jupiter (7 Aug), conjunct Venus (14 Aug), trine Uranus (30 Aug).

Happy Birthday, Virgo!
Your literary genus is well known around the world. You write, recite or create with intelligence, elegance and conviction. From December, both superior planets Saturn and Jupiter are in Capricorn. Aim high, higher than ever before.

* * *

September – All about Me-rcury

Full moon in Pisces 21° (14 Sept, GMT 4:33) – Within hours following the new Moon, Mercury and Venus leave Virgo and enter Libra, in search for more stability and balance. Mars aspects to superior planets in the build-up to this full moon culminates with his opposition to Neptune, creating a discordant and risky atmosphere.

New moon in Libra 5° (28 Sept, GMT 18:26) – In between the Moon’s conjunction to Mars and square to Saturn, it’s not a smooth kind of lunation. With Venus sextile Jupiter happening within hours, however, we are reminded not to lose sight of hope.

Mercury into Libra (14 Sept)

A succession of Mercurial aspects fills the whole month, especially first half. Nothing is hidden under the sky when Hermes intercepts everyone and everything. It would be very hard to keep secrets these days. Mentally alert and counting money? Don’t forget to be accountable also.

Mercury aspects: trine Uranus (1 Sept), conjunct Mars (3 Sept), trine Saturn (5 Sept), square Jupiter (6 Sept), opposite Neptune (7 Sept), trine Pluto (9 Sept), conjunct Venus (13 Sept), square Saturn (22 Sept), square Pluto (26 Sept).

Venus into Libra (14 Sept)

Venus adores being in Libra, her other ruling sign. Elegant and full of allure, with a strong sense of integrity and justice. Venus squaring Saturn (which is exalted in Libra) can have a special impact on art and antiquity, leisure and responsibility.

Venus aspects: trine Saturn (1 Sept), square Jupiter (2 Sept), opposite Neptune (4 Sept), trine Pluto (7 Sept), square Saturn (25 Sept).

Saturn direct (18 Sept)

Saturn ends its almost 5 months long retro and moves forward. It is now all forward up until 22 March 2020, when Saturn moves into Aquarius. Still hard work and serious practice ahead, until its ‘tonality’ changes with its ingress into Aquarius. No shortcut is allowed, when it comes to Saturn!

Jupiter square Neptune (22 Sept)

This is the last and third square aspect between two giants, Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter asserts its influence, from its own sign of Sagittarius to its other ruling sign Pisces, where Neptune is. Mundane or collective influence that affects us all personally, in religion, law, and social justice.

Sun into Libra (23 Sept)

Sun aspects: conjunct Mars (2 Sept), conjunct Mercury (4 Sept), trine Saturn (6 Sept), square Jupiter (8 Sept), opposite Neptune (10 Sept), trine Pluto (12 Sept).

Happy birthday, Libra!
You embody elegance and eloquence like no other, assuring us with your presence that all goes well in the end. Saturn is your other teacher, and you will welcome its ingress into another air sign Aquarius in 6 months time. For now, make plans that satisfy your sense of beauty and purpose.