October-December 2019 – Greater beginnings

October – Quietly outspoken

Full moon in Aries 20° (13 Oct, GMT 21:08) – Full moon takes place between the Moon’s trine to Jupiter and square to Pluto. We are entering the last 10 degrees of Jupiter in Sagittarius before it begins its presence in Capricorn (see below). For now, it’s a fire-fueld optimism (Jupiter) with a touch of radical thought (Pluto).

New moon in Scorpio 4° (28 Oct, GMT 3:38) – The moon and the sun directly oppose Uranus which is currently in Taurus around 4 degrees. Uranus is of course not an immediate or right-there-with-you kind of energy, but when it strikes, it strikes. And mostly, out of nowhere.

Mercury into Scorpio (3 Oct); retro in Scorpio (31 Oct)

Mercury hasn’t a lot to say in Scorpio (except for its bound/11-19°) and much is up to Mars, ruler of Scorpio. Mercury retro starts very end of this month, at the tail end of Scorpio 27°. It’s a nasty end. Right there with Venus, a little lie can get out of hand to do a serious damage.

Mercury aspects: opposite Uranus (7 Oct), square Neptune (15 Oct), conjunct Venus (30 Oct).

Mars into Libra (4 Oct)

For Mars, Libra is a sign of detriment, most distant (180 degrees) from its homes sign of Aries, and too close (thus not visible) to its other home, Scorpio. Not a fun place for Mars to be! In general, it’s a low-key Mars, unless you allow its passive-agreesive ‘potential’ to come forward, which you don’t want.

Mars aspects: square Saturn (27 Oct).

Venus into Scorpio (8 Oct)

Venus enters Scorpio and creates mutual reception with Mars, now that the rulers (Venus and Mars) of both signs (Libra and Scorpio) are swapped. Venus is also looking at her sweet home Taurus from the opposite end, suffering her detriment status in Scorpio. However, Venus is a triplicity ruler of water sign (Scorpio) so has some commanding power – attractive and mysterious.

Venus aspects: square Pluto (1 Oct), opposite Uranus (12 Oct), trine Neptune (15 Oct).

Sun into Scorpio (23 Oct)

Sun aspects: square Saturn (7 Oct), square Pluto (14 Oct), opposite Uranus (28 Oct).

Happy birthday, Scorpio!
Your magnetism is often misunderstood as complex or difficult, yet you create a cordial all-emcompassing atmosphere like no other. It’s about courage for the rest of us to jump right in! Jupiter moving into Capricorn from December gives you a new perspective, for a new discovery.

* * *

November – Curiosity kills

Full moon in Taurus 19° (12 Nov, GMT 13:34) – Full moon in Taurus is always an intense affair. Venus is ‘healthy’ next to Jupiter, while Mars and Jupiter are on friendly terms via sextile. You cannot expect much from retro Mercury right now, but you make most of what is at hand.

New moon in Sagittarius 4° (26 Nov, GMT 15:06) – Venus has just moved into Capricorn during the night, and Jupiter is just a week away from following suit. This new moon is a little homage and farewell to last days of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Venus into Sagittarius (1 Nov), into Capricorn (26 Nov)

The month starts with a new energy, as Venus enters Sagittarius. Meeting up with Jupiter there is also sweet and auspicious, as only two Benefics can do. Once Venus is in Capricorn, things become a bit more complicated, with Saturn and Pluto awaiting to meet her.

Venus aspects: square Neptune (14 Nov), conjunct Jupiter (24 Nov), trine Uranus (28 Nov).

Mars into Scorpio (19 Nov)

Mars in its own sign of Scorpio is naturally at ease. Best example of Mars’ efficiency in Scorpio is a detective doing a thorough investigative work. It knows no fear to dig deep, or deeper than the rest, at the risk of becoming obsessive and self destructive.

Mars aspects: square Pluto (5 Nov), opposite Uranus (24 Nov).

Mercury direct Scorpio 11 (20 Nov)

The cue seems given by Mars’ ingress into Scorpio the day before, to wake up Mercury to finally move forward. Neptunian interception via trine (twice) can open up a mythical dimension. Don’t forget to write down your dreams.

Mercury aspects: trine Neptune (retro, 13 Nov), trine Neptune (direct, 28 Nov).

Sun into Sagittarius (22 Nov)

Sun aspects: trine Neptune (8 Nov), conjunct Mercury (11 Nov).

Happy birthday, Sagittarius!
A long presence of Jupiter in your sign is ending. It has given you plenty of uplifting energy, or has it been at times a bit too much? You will find your own rhythm again. Dreams remain the same, but plans become more practical, for a better execution.

* * *

December – Ending is beginning

Full moon in Gemini 19° (12 Dec, GMT 5:12) – Full moon in Gemini is chatty and cheerful; the downside is that its host Mercury is currently ‘exile’ in Sagittarius. Absence is felt in mind and body. Anchoring is for now difficult.

New moon in Capricorn 4° (26 Dec, GMT 5:13) – Happening within a few degrees of the Moon’s nodes, our last new moon of the year is an eclipse. This eclipse belongs to a cycle which can trigger “sudden ending of associations, emotional or traumatic transformation”. Happening between the Moon’s trine to Uranus and conjunction to Jupiter, it alludes to bigger things to come.

Jupiter into Capricorn (2 Dec)

Jupiter, in Sagittarius since 8 November 2018, changes sign and enters Capricorn. It heralds a series of greater/outer planet conjunctions (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) that take place throughout 2020. Jupiter will not be as happy as it was, since Capricorn is its sign of fall. More sober expressions are expected. Its first aspect after entering Capricorn is trine to Uranus, however, which promises more than a sparkle.

Jupiter aspects: trine to Uranus (15 Dec).

Mercury into Sagittarius (9 Dec), into Capricorn (29 Dec)

Gaining normal speed again, Mercury moves into Sagittarius first, then into Capricorn just before the year ends. Not a strong placement for Mercury, to be in the now desolate sign of Sagittarius. At least it’s a quick and frugal presence of just below 3 weeks, while people are distracted by festivities.

Mercury aspects: square Neptune (20 Dec), trine Uranus (30 Dec).

Venus into Aquarius (20 Dec)

While we adjust to Jupiter in Capricorn, Venus gets out of the crowded house of Capricorn and moves into Aquarius. Air is more breathable, things are taken not so seriously. Venusian charm gets more margins of play in Aquarius and brightens up things surrounding love.

Venus aspects: conjunct Saturn (11 Dec), conjunct Pluto (13 Dec), square Uranus (22 Dec).

Sun into Capricorn (22 Dec)

Sun aspects: square Neptune (8 Dec), trine Uranus (24 Dec), conjunct Jupiter (27 Dec).

Happy birthday, Capricorn!
Jupiter has just entered your sign – what a year ahead is going to be! You as Capricorn do not get carried away so easily, but perhaps that is a positive side effect of having Jupiter there? Or at least one of its many effects to come. It’s time to dream big and broaden your horizon.