2020 Overview

Retro – Mercury, Venus and Mars

The year 2020 will see not only usual Mercurial retrogrades three times during the year, but also Venus as well as Mars’ retrogrades, which happen every other year or so. Let’s see the timelines:

– 17 Feb. (Pisces 12°) – 10 Mar. (Aquarius 28°)
– 18 June (Cancer 14°) – 12 July (Cancer 5°)
– 14 Oct. (Scorpio 11°) – 4 Nov. (Libra 25°)
Tricky Mercury becomes trickier during its retro. Considering other factors occurring around the time as above, June/July retro may be the most problematic, as it gets tied into a heavy-weight eclipse on 21 June in Cancer.

– 13 May (Gemini 21°) – 25 June (Gemini 5°)
Typical Venusian themes as love and relationship should be on hold (no weddings!) during Venus retro. Bank accounts and wealth are also not going to be as fluid (or straight forward) as you wish them to be, so better not force them during this time.

– 10 Sept. (Aries 28°) – 14 Nov. (Aries 15°)
Mars retrograding in its own house is dangerous, and the agony lasts 2 long months! Extra caution when it begins (as Mars stands still for 3 days), on Tuesdays (governed by Mars), when Mercury starts retro in Mars’ other sign Scorpio (14 Oct.), and the last 3 days before Mars goes direct, with Jupiter conjunct Pluto being in the background.

Eclipse – in Cancer and in Sagittarius

Although the first full moon of the year on 10 January is an eclipse, it is coupled with the previous new moon eclipse (26 December 2019). The one to watch this year, literally and metaphysically, happens instead on 21 June at Cancer 0°21″. The north node of the Moon will be just passing towards 29° Gemini, so it is a total solar eclipse (happening within 10 degrees both sides of the Moon’s nodes).

According to the Saros Cycle (see for example “Predictive Astrology” by Bernadette Brady), this eclipse belongs to the series ‘4 North’, known for “restriction, inhibition, restraint, separation and illusions … to block the individual”. It can be catalytic. It is certainly beyond our personal control, as is often the case with eclipses. We will experience it collectively and globally.

Later on 14 December, another eclipse happens at Sagittarius 23°, again close enough to the node (19° Gemini/Sagittarius) to be total. It belongs to the series ‘4 South’, extremely emotional with “a sense of fatedness”.

Great conjunctions – Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto

What makes 2020 so special? Great conjunctions involving Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter happen throughout the year. If you note their recurrence (how often they take place), you will notice immediately how rare 2020 is:
– Saturn-Pluto conjunction (every 33 years)
– Jupiter-Pluto conjunction (every 13 years)
– Saturn-Jupiter conjunction (every 20 years)
All of the above is happening in the same year 2020!

Apart from the rarity of it all, what does the great conjunction mean? For traditional astrologers who did not yet know Pluto, it was the conjunction of two superior planets, Saturn and Jupiter that got them talking. Due to the slowness of their motion, greater/est things should occur in terms of King (Jupiter) and Death (Saturn), which in our times can be extended to law/religion/freedom (Jupiter) and labor/hard work/responsibility (Saturn). We are also entering the “air” conjunction period: next 4 Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions will all occur in air signs.

Each of the conjunctions will be looked at in details in my 3 months forecast, starting from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction on 12 January. Have an extraordinary 2020!