January-March 2020 – Bigger than us

Saturn-Pluto conjunction (12 Jan, GMT 16:59)
Saturn into Aquarius (22 Mar, GMT 03:58)

I write this 3-months forecast with a delay. It’s clear to me that effects of the rare conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (every 33 years) are felt on earth through sudden eruptions of violence, unexpected endings, interruptions and occurrences. First 10 days of the month of January have been exemplary in that sense and can be summarized as ‘aggressive’. Pluto is the destroyer of all that which is to be destroyed, and Saturn is the superior malefic. It is no surprise that the meeting of the two shakes us to the core. After the exact conjunction on 12 January, however, effects will start ebbing away.

Saturn is currently moving forward in its own bound (22-26 degrees, Capricorn) which also explains its maximum strength, besides being in its own home sign. Saturn started its sojourn in Capricorn on 20 December 2017. It will enter next sign, Aquarius (which is traditionally also Saturn’s house) on 22 March. Due to its retrograde, Saturn will come back to stay in Capricorn in July-mid December, so we are just getting a taste of Saturn in Aquarius for now, from March 22 until end June.
Is Saturn in Aquarius going to be as strong as in Capricorn? A slight detour from its archetypal Capricorn, it will certainly be as effective, but different. Transformations are from the half-man figure (Capricorn) to the fully human (Aquarius). Focus shifts from institutions to people behind institutions? We will see what evolution is going to take place in the Saturnian field (government, structures, old things, accountability).

Mars into Sagittarius (3 Jan, GMT 9:37)
Mars into Capricorn (16 Feb, GMT 11:33)
Mars into Aquarius (30 Mar, GMT 19:43)
Mars-Saturn conjunction (31 Mar, GMT 18:31)

Currently Capricorn is a rather crowded sign (called stellium), with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in it (and Mercury and the Sun until mid January). When Mars enters Capricorn on 16 February, things start looking more dangerous. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, while Jupiter is almost wiped out between two malefics, Saturn and Mars, having no strong status in Capricorn.
Mars will conjunct Jupiter on 20 March, and then Pluto on 23 March. Mars has to enter Aquarius, however, before meeting Saturn on 31 March. With sign changes and conjunctions of malefics, last 10 days of March should be considered ‘tread carefully’ zone.

Venus into Pisces (13 Jan, GMT 18:39)
Venus into Aries (7 Feb, GMT 20:02)
Venus into Taurus (5 Mar, GMT 03:07)

Venus can deliver a breath of fresh air against other planetary activities, especially when she reaches her home sign of Taurus in early March. This is Venus’ retrograde year; we will have Venus in Gemini, direct, retro and direct, from May for 4 long months. So enjoy her normal course of transits for now, and try to finish your beauty or monetary plans in these months, unless you don’t mind executing them after end June, once Venus is direct.

Mercury into Aquarius (16 Jan, GMT 18:31)
Mercury into Pisces (3 Feb, GMT 11:37 and 16 Mar, GMT 07:42)
Mercury retro (Pisces 12°, 17 Feb, GMT 00:59) – direct (Aquarius 28°, 10 Mar, GMT 03:49)

Mercury retro in the sign of Pisces is bound to be, in one word, a disaster. Where communication, transport, delivery, or anything from A to B are concerned, almost nothing will go as expected. Mercury is in its weakest state in Pisces (detriment and fall). It has no wise notion of what to do in Pisces, let alone when it is retro. So have zero expectations for those 3 weeks, and observe hilarious mishaps and slips of the tongue (hopefully by others) at a safe distance.

Aries ingress
Sun into Aries (20 Mar, GMT 03:50)

When the Sun enters Aries, it is considered the astrological new year, since Aries is the first of 12 signs. The chart of the Aries ingress 2020 shows notably:
– Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn (exact within hours from the ingress), in which Mars has control, creating sudden and excessive energy;
– the Moon’s nodes (Capricorn/Cancer 4°) and the Sun (Aries 0°) makes a T-square which is also a sign of tension and excess.
It is no soft ingress, for sure. Our hope is still Venus, isolated and beautifully strong in the middle of Taurus.