July-September 2020 – Widening the vision

Retro back in Capricorn (1 July, GMT 23:37)
Direct in Capricorn 25° (29 Sept. GMT 5:11)

Saturn went retrograde on 11 May, when it was only about 2 degrees into the sign of Aquarius. It will occupy last 5 degrees of Capricorn, back and forth, until it enters Aquarius again (and definitively) on 17 December. Saturn’s work discipline and confinement/solitude are our well-known struggles this year. Learn the last lessons from Saturn in Capricorn, so that we can move onto a new era with Saturn in Aquarius.

Direct in Cancer 5° (12 July, GMT 8:26)
into Leo (5 Aug. GMT 3:32)
into Virgo (20 Aug. GMT 1:30)
into Libra (5 Sept. GMT 19:46)
into Scorpio (27 Sept. GMT 7:41)

After going direct in Cancer, Mercury regains its usual speed (fast) and goes through 4 signs in these 3 months. Mercury is of course strongest and cleverest in Virgo, its beloved home sign. No other planet has both ruler and exaltation in the same sign, as Mercury does in Virgo. Writing, creating with hands, transporting/traveling are most productive while Mercury is in Virgo, so make good use of it.

into Cancer (7 Aug. GMT 15:21)
into Leo (6 Sept. GMT 7:22)

Venus in Cancer is emotionally rich, generous and protective. With Venus’ retro in Gemini behind us, you can now feel safe to indulge in your beauty/love projects that have been postponed during her retro. In Leo, Venus is direct and flamboyant – forget subtleties, express big.

Retro in Aries 28° (9 Sept. GMT 22:22)

Mars has been since end June in its own sign of Aries. Its start of retro at the last degrees of Aries heralds hot-tempered and bellicose rest of the year. Mars goes direct mid November and stays in Aries until 6 January 2021, which is remarkably long for Mars to be in the same sign, let alone its own ruling sign. Where you have Aries in your own chart will not be ‘peaceful’ in these times. Around the world, conflicts are on the rise.

Direct in Capricorn 17° (13 Sept. GMT 0:41)

After going forward, Jupiter finishes off its stay in Capricorn, until it enters Aquarius on 19 December (which means Saturn and Jupiter will meet on 21 December in Aquarius, to end this exceptional year in an exceptional way). Jupiter in Capricorn is solitary and not comfortable, being hosted by Saturn, but it is Jupiter – in one way or the other, it makes itself heard, in relation to law, wealth, justice and freedom.

into Libra (22 Sept. GMT 13:31)

The Sun’s ingresses into 4 signs throughout the year (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are most important for observation. Libra ingress this year shows that two Malefic, Mars and Saturn, both retro, are applying each other a square (hard) aspect, while Mercury from 24 degrees Libra is opposing Mars and squaring Saturn, thus making a T-formed square between the three. Mercury rules two angular houses: 7th (other/open enemy) and 10th (king/government). In general, the ‘messenger of god’ Mercury governs information, commerce and transportation. The picture is rife with scandals, conflicts or misinformation.
The other angles, 1st and 4th, are ruled by Jupiter, present in the 2nd house of finance. The moon (people/emotional body) in the 1st is witnessing the whole picture, perhaps clearer than before.