October-December 2020 – Dawn of a new era

into Virgo (2 Oct. GMT 20:48)
into Libra (28 Oct. GMT 1:41)
into Scorpio (21 Nov. GMT 13:22)
into Sagittarius (15 Dec. GMT 16:21)

October opens with a full moon in Aries where Mars is still retrograding, and Venus enters Virgo the following day. Venus is in fall in Virgo (as she is exalted in the opposite sign Pisces) and in detriment in Scorpio (as she is the ruler of the opposite sign Taurus), while she is naturally strong in her other home sign Libra. She is charged in Libra with a sense of righteousness, perfection, and of course beauty in its most balanced manifestation. Of interest in this sense may be the square aspect between Venus and Saturn (19 Nov. GMT 11:29): both being in their ruling signs, as well as Saturn exalted in Libra, it’s a forced collaboration between the two. You can perfectly execute a carefully picked decision.

stations retro in Scorpio 11 (14 Oct. GMT 1:04)
back into Libra (28 Oct. GMT 1:33)
direct in Libra 25° (3 Nov. GMT 17:50)
into Scorpio (10 Nov. GMT 21:55)
into Sagittarius (1 Dec. GMT 19:51)
into Capricorn (20 Dec. GMT 23:07)

There is one more Mercury retro before we end this year, which occurs in Scorpio-Libra. Notable aspects: 1) Mercury squares Saturn twice, first retro (1 Nov.) and then direct (6 Nov.), echoing the previous square between the two in Libra 25 (23 Sept.) which are in fact the degrees in which Mercury goes direct. 2) In the extraordinary 3rd week of December (see below under Saturn/Jupiter), Mercury’s trine to Mars (15 Dec.) under the eclipse, as well as its conjunction with the Sun before entering into Capricorn (20 Dec.). Still a lot of uncertainties and surprise moves ahead of us. Follow Mercury, and you will see where things are moving to/around.

direct in Aries 15° (14 Nov. GMT 0:36)

You will not see Mars go into Taurus until 6 January 2021. At least, we can get back with its normal direct motion from mid November. Less frustrations of mind (Aries symbolises head after all) and less dangerous maneuver? Don’t get into argument under Venus-Mars opposition (9 Nov.), wait until Mars is direct or Venus enters Scorpio to become more ‘relatable’.

Saturn – Jupiter
Saturn into Aquarius (17 Dec. GMT 5:04)
Jupiter into Aquarius (19 Dec. GMT 13:07)
Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius (21 Dec. GMT 18:21)

So many triggers in just 1 week… but that’s how we must end 2020. First, the last new Moon of the year is an eclipse in Sagittarius 23 (14 Dec.), then Venus enters Sagittarius (15 Dec.), Saturn re-enters Aquarius (17 Dec.), Jupiter enters Aquarius (19 Dec.), Mercury enters Capricorn (20 Dec.), the Sun enters Capricorn (21 Dec.), and last but definitely not least, Jupiter conjuncts Saturn (21 Dec.) – 5 sign changes in just 7 days, culminating in Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. The last conjunction between these two superior planets occurred in 2000; it is an era-setting cosmic occurrence of every 20 years. And from here on, a sequence of air sign conjunctions between the two begins.

into Capricorn (21 Dec. GMT 10:02)

Under the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn, the Sun and Mercury are disposed by Saturn, while the Moon and Venus are ruled by Jupiter. Mars is stubbornly on its own; the Moon shows a hint of sympathy (note 23 degrees), but not quite there yet to enter the house of Mars. Just over 8 hours from the above, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in the sky. What is the message? Saturn governs 12th (hidden enemy) and 1st (self), Jupiter governs 2nd (finance) and 11th (community). These have been our common issues throughout the year and we carry on dealing with them. Yet a shift should be evident, as symbolised by Jupiter’s ingress into Aquarius. New beginnings, new terms, new ways ahead.