2021 Overview

Two giants squaring Uranus

Both Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius will square Uranus in the sign of Taurus: Jupiter squares Uranus on 17 January, while Saturn squares Uranus on 17 February (direct) and on 14 June (retro). Uranus is all about sudden impulsive force, disruptive and destructive. Square as aspect brings forced change – you cannot turn that curb, unless you adjust your motion and direction accordingly. Taurus being an Earth sign, possible outcomes can be earthquakes or natural disasters. These superior planets speak in big and loud terms, and the presence of Mars (aka war load) in the same sign of Taurus (6 Jan – 4 March) does not board well. (More on this in my quarterly forecast).

A taste of Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter moves forward fast enough to get to the next sign on 13 May. Finally out of Saturn’s ‘surveillance’ throughout Capricorn and Aquarius, Jupiter is free and strong in its home sign of Pisces. Only two degrees in, however, Jupiter starts retrograding (20 June), goes back into Aquarius (28 July), until it re-enters Pisces (29 December). So we will experience just 11 weeks of Jupiter in Pisces in 2021, which is probably short, but still gives us an important preview of what is to come in 2022.

Mercury retro (and Venus also)

Mercury retrogrades 3 times in 2021: 30 Jan – 21 Feb (in Aquarius), 29 May – 22 June (in Gemini) and 26 Sept – 18 Oct (in Libra). The one to watch for is that in Gemini: not only is Gemini Mercury’s home sign (so thrashing its own house can be productive), but also an eclipse occurs in Gemini (10 June) during the retro, with the Sun-Mercury conjunction on the following day. The spot light is one way or the other on Mercury/Gemini. Also, all three retros in 2021 happen in an air sign: emphasis (and excess) are upon all that which relates to air/mind/fluidity/unpredictability.
On 19 December, Venus goes retro in Capricorn, complicating what regards love and relationship until end January 2022.

Solar eclipse in June and December

The first solar eclipse of the year occurs on 10 June at 20° Gemini. This belongs to the Saros Series ‘5 North’ (each series repeats every 18 years), with emphasis on psychic vision and prophetic dreams. Catch emerging ideas and act on them!
The second solar eclipse occurs on 4 December at 12° Sagittarius. It belongs to the series ‘5 South’, which is joyful and brings benefits and good news. Coupled with the definite ingress of Jupiter into Pisces on 29 December, we will be ending the year on hopeful notes.