January-March 2021 – Great expectations

Jupiter & Saturn
Jupiter square Uranus (17 Jan. GMT 22:50)
Saturn square Uranus (17 Feb. GMT 19:08)

Since mid December 2020, two superior planets Jupiter and Saturn have been in the sign of Aquarius. We witnessed their spectacular conjunction which has 20 years’ cycle of occurrence. How they influence your life depends on where Aquarius is located in your natal chart. Are they in your 4th house (home and father/ancestors)? 7th house (significant other/relationship)? 10th house (career and most prominent self)?

Unpredictable and destructive Uranus has been in the sign of Taurus for some time now which is 3 signs or 90 degrees from Aquarius. Both Jupiter and Saturn will square Uranus in the coming months.
Prior to Jupiter square Uranus (17 Jan), Uranus goes direct (14 Jan), following square between Mars and Saturn (13 Jan), so the week in question is very frictional. Expect the unexpected, or stay low!

into Taurus (6 Jan. GMT 22:27)
into Gemini (4 Mar. GMT 3:29)

Due to its retro, Mars has been in Aries since end June 2020. It will be a notable change when it enters Taurus (6 Jan): from strongly positioned in its home sign of Aries to its detriment (exile) status in Taurus. Mars will join Uranus in Taurus, adding fuel to fire. Two malefic forces together is not something you look forward to.

into Aquarius (8 Jan. GMT 12:00)
retro at 26 Aquarius (30 Jan. GMT 15:51)
direct at 11 Aquarius (21 Feb. GMT 0:53)
into Pisces (15 Feb. GMT 22:26)

Mercury’s first retro period of the year starts end January, resulting in its long stay in Aquarius until mid February. As triplicity ruler of Air signs, Mercury is comfortable and agile in Aquarius. Again, where you have Aquarius in your natal chart will experience more movements – not always smooth or straight forward while Mercury is retrograding.

into Capricorn (8 Jan. GMT 15:41)
into Aquarius (1 Feb. GMT 14:05)
into Pisces (25 Feb. GMT 13:11)
into Aries (21 Mar. GMT 14:16)

As soon as Venus enters Aquarius, the sky presents a stellium of planets in Aquarius – Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus (the Sun until 18 Feb). Only Mars is then in Taurus.
While in Pisces, Venus is exalted and beautifully creative, so take advantage of her presence there, making your creative vision into reality.

The Sun
into Aries (20 Mar. GMT 9:37)

When the Sun enters the sign of Aries, we celebrate the astrological new year, as Aries is the first of 12 signs.
The Moon as ruler of the ascendant (chosen for the Netherlands) at 16 Gemini has joined Mars and trined Saturn (separating aspects), is about to trine Jupiter (applying aspect). The moon’s ruler Mercury in Pisces is not in a good state (fall and detriment in Pisces), and is going to square Mars. The only consolation is perhaps the prominent position of the Sun, at the top of the chart, as well as Venus next to it, close to the degrees where she is exalted.

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