April-June 2021 – Change that is coming

into Aries (4 April GMT 3:41)
into Taurus (19 April GMT 10:29)
into Gemini (4 May GMT 2:49)
retro at 24 Gemini (29 May GMT 22:34)
direct at 16 Gemini (22 June, GMT 22:00)

Mercury is at its usual speed, moving through Aries and Taurus, and reaches its home sign of Gemini beginning May. Mercury in Gemini brings favourable wind in commerce, transactions, travel, and the literary world… until it goes retro end May. Its retro period taking place entirely in Gemini, however, can bring some surprising (or unexpectedly intelligent?) side-effects. In the mid point of its retro is a new moon Eclipse in Gemini (10 June) followed by Mercury-Sun conjunction (11 June). This eclipse involves ‘sudden flashes of ideas’ or creative visions that can be acted upon. Intrigued?

into Taurus (14 April GMT 18:22)
into Gemini (9 May GMT 2:01)
into Cancer (2 June GMT 13:19)
into Leo (27 June GMT 4:27)

Venus is most beautiful in her own sign of Taurus. She makes some powerful aspects during her time in Taurus: conjunct Uranus (23 April), square Saturn (25 April), trine Pluto (6 May) and square Jupiter (8 May), none of which is mild – they are rather assertive aspects, with a strong statement. Voices will be heard, actions will be taken.

into Cancer (23 April GMT 11:49)
into Leo (11 June GMT 13:34)

Mars is in fall status in Cancer, which is exact opposite of exalted status. It brings conflicts, complications or passive-aggressive attitudes. Being ruled by the Moon (Cancer), it is also changeable. Do not invest too much time or effort in Mars related goals in the period. While in Leo, Mars is more straight forward – active, heroic, heads-on, set on fire, dangerous.

into Pisces (13 May GMT 22:36)
retro at 2 Pisces (20 June GMT 15:05)

Shift will be unmistakable: Jupiter enters its own sign of Pisces after being in Capricorn and Aquarius, both ruled by Saturn, since December 2019. Yes, Jupiter goes retro in less than 6 weeks and it enters back into Aquarius end July, but it does give us two months and half of Jupiter in Pisces (until it enters definitively in Pisces end of the year). Some optimistic visions or creative solutions await us. Jupiter in Pisces is clearly agile and needs no one to be reckoned with. It comes with its own army forces – watch how they manifest in the world.

retro in Aquarius (23 May GMT 9:18)

Saturn (retro) makes square to Uranus on 14 June. This is a second of the series Saturn-Uranus square; the first one happened on 17 February. They will once again make square to each other on 24 December (with retro Uranus). Repercussions of these two giants’ interactions are not immediate, but long range. They mark timings in the heaven and on earth.

into Cancer (21 June GMT 3:32)

Sun’s cancer ingress this year happens between Jupiter stopping to go retro the previous day and Mercury stopping to go direct the following day. Symbolically, things are not moving. Both Mercury and Jupiter are in their own signs, which is a consolation. Moon’s last aspect is square to Mars and her next aspect is square to Saturn. A T-square in the heaven between the three is troubling. The ill effect of our collective fate is still lingering.

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