July-September 2021 – Through the night, into the light

into Cancer (11 July GMT 20:35)
into Leo (28 July GMT 1:12)
into Virgo (11 Aug. GMT 21:57)
into Libra (30 Aug. GMT 5:10)
retro in Libra 25 (27 Sept. GMT 5:09)

Due to its retro, Mercury in Gemini lasted longer than usual (throughout May and June), and left us with some ‘spectacular’ manifestations, both positive and negative. Its next stronghold is of course when it enters Virgo, its ruler as well as exaltation sign. Excellent commercial or literary work is possible and encouraged by Mercury in Virgo. A downside: Mars will also be present in Virgo. When Mercury and Mars meet (19 Aug.), things can go out of hand. That weekend is doubly explosive, since Uranus is stopping to go retro (20 Aug.), so take extra care!

into Virgo (22 July GMT 0:37)
into Libra (16 Aug. GMT 4:27)
into Scorpio (10 Sept. GMT 20:39)

Between her fall (Virgo) and detriment (Scorpio), Venus in her ruling sign of Libra is at her most ease. That said, Venus has a triplicity ruler status both in Virgo (earth sign) and in Scorpio (water sign). She is not entirely weak in those signs, just depends more on the hosts, Mercury and Mars respectively. When Mars enters Libra mid September (see below), Venus and Mars mutually receive, i.e. each is in the other’s ruling sign. A mutual respect as in: if you behave yourself in my house, I will also behave myself in your house. Good manners matter!

into Virgo (11 July GMT 20:35)
into Libra (15 Sept. GMT 0:14)

Mars is very active the first week of July, opposing Saturn (1 July) and squaring Uranus (4 July). Tensions are high. Its conjunction with Venus (13 July) as well as opposition to Jupiter (29 July) are also powerful and potentially risky. Fast forward to end September, when Mars makes trine to Saturn (25 Sept.), more serious engagement (Saturn) is expected.

retro into Aquarius (28 July GMT 12:43)

Jupiter has been retrograding since mid June and it re-enters Aquarius (alas, Saturn’s house) end July. One must wait until end of this year for Jupiter to re-enter its own house Pisces, this time definitively. For now, it is back to the co-presence of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, with possible repercussions thereof.

into Libra (22 Sept. GMT 19:21)

The Sun goes into Libra and marks the seasonal change (autumn/spring). Mars and Mercury are in Libra ruled by Venus, while Venus and the Moon are in Aries/Scorpio ruled by Mars. Contrast is rampant, especially in personal/relationship realms.
Prior to the ingress, the Moon (people) has opposed to the Sun (home) and Mars (enemy visible/invisible); following the ingress, she will oppose Mercury (finance, pleasure) and then Venus (self, health). Things remain tense and active.

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